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waypoint missions

  1. P

    Mavic 3 - Waypoint Obstacle Course

    Has anyone tested how well Obstacle Avoidance works while using Waypoints? I have been searching everywhere for information or test videos but I can’t find anything. The Obstacle Avoidance tests I find are always using Active Track, but what I want is to see how well the drone Avoids Obstacles...
  2. M

    Photos between waypoints? Litchi or other

    This might be an odd question, but is there a way to plan a waypoint mission in Litchi (preferably) or any other app, where the drone would take a photo every 2s between two waypoints? For context, I'm experimenting with time-lapses, and while I can make a 99-point mission for smaller projects...
  3. R

    MavAir / Litchi / Waypoint Missions / Gimbal Pitch Issue

    Hi MavicPilots- I've been experimenting with Litchi's Waypoint Mission videography, but having issues with Gimbal control during mission. My videos are pointed in the right direction of each POI, but the horizon stays locked in the middle of the frame... regardless of POI being low or high...
  4. J

    Litchi: Question and caution

    Was flying a Litchi mission downtown last night. Video signal went out with some ways left to go. Fine: I expected that. It came back up again as my MA was about 20 feet in front of an office tower window (a Google office, no less), and flying towards it. Luckily, I had time to pull it back...
  5. heo3480

    Fly Waypoints with Litchi

    DJI excluded waypoints from Mavic Air, but luckily you plan an fly waypoints mission with the Litchi App that recently started to support Mavic Air. This video shows you the simple steps to create a 4 waypoint mission with 2 points of interest I think the map-based approach is better than...

    How Do I save Waypoint Missions

    Hello fellow flyers, Is it possible to save multi Waypoint missions using DJI4 GO APP? and if so, how do you title each mission so that you know which mission it is you want to fly? Forgive me if this is posted someplace else. I searched and could not come up with what I wanted. You all have a...