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$125 package: iPad, Hoodman, Freewel mount, padded tablet case, iPad OEM charger, external 6,000 maH battery


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Sep 14, 2019
Gloucester, Massachusetts
Asking price: $125 - plus shipping - for the entire package

I'm selling my iPad Mini 4 (16 gb, wifi only) complete with:

1. clean and unused full-length Hoodman Aviator HAV1E hood
2. iPad Mini Amazon Basics padded and zippered case that fits the tablet
3. Apple iPad Mini 4 OEM iPad USB charging brick and cable
4. Bentoben heavy-duty rubberized protective shell which custom-fits the iPad
5. Freewell Mavic and Mavic 2 Pro controller tablet mount (steel, aluminum, plastic) that fits the iPad mini, holds it snug, and which has a ball joint for setting tablet angles
6. Jockery 6,000 maH externaly battery(half the size of a pack of cigarettes)

If this post generates enough interest I will shoot and post photos.

Shipping is from Massachusetts.

A few notes about the package

1. The iPad Mini 4 fits snug and tight in the Freewell tablet mount clamp only if you remove the Bentoben iPad protecive shell

2. The Hoodman sunscreen is tunnel style (you need to put your face against it.) No light leakage. There is a slit at the bottom of the hood for you to insert your index finger to manipulate the tablet

4. The iPad Mini has a hairline crack in the top right hand corner of the screen. The hairline crack has had no effect on the tablet or the screen's performance for the three years I have been using it with a Phantom, then a Mavic Pro, then a Mavic 2 Pro and a Mavic Air 2s

5. The iPad also comes pre-loaded with:
- DJI Go 4
- DJI Fly

As long as no other apps are open, the tablet runs DJI Fly just fine.

6. The tablet also comes preloaded with DJI GS Pro if you need to plot, run, and shoot 99-waypoint orthomosaic data flights. The ortho data loads quickly and easily into WebODM, the freeopen-source orthomosaic generator that's quite sophisticated and is udpated frequently

7. The tablet also comes pre-loaded with the now impossible-to-find PolarPro ND filter calculator. I know some guys can do ND filter calculations in their heads, but I can't. I find the Polar Pro app really useful

After exchanging initial PM's or replies to this post, I really prefer to resort to phone calls. I've found it's easier to create more trustworthy transactions that way.
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It's too bad the iPad mini 4 won't run the FLY app. But I still use mine with GO4 and my Phantoms.
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