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3d Printable Lens removal tool

Nice one. Unfortunately it’s about 3 hours late for me - I just bought the polar pro filters and their removal tool was the tipping point (I even searched thingiverse for a tool just like this). This tool actually looks like it’ll help more in the removal and mounting of filters, so I’ll still try printing this.

I am sure lots of people will find this useful and it’ll give people more confidence to buy your filters
BTW, I just remembered that my nephew has a 3D printer, any chance of getting the .STL file so I can send it to him? And no, I don't intend to corner the market on M2P lens cover tools. :)
You can download the STL from the link the OP posted above.
Nice tight fit and goes the job, very easy to remove with this.
I imagine Fstop labs will have them for sale soon, since they look to be into that sort of thing :) Until then is an easy way to print them (fstop labs could also sell them through that site if they wanted to). I'd probably print this in Versatile Plastic (a processed variety - whichever colour you'd like) or perhaps Fine Detail Plastic (it will be very accurate then so shouldn't need any sanding, the cheaper version should be fine - a benefit of this material is that it will be semi-translucent as well so you should be able to make out the lens behind it)

In Australia you should also be able to print them at Officeworks in some cities. I imagine there are other 3d printing services local to many countries & cities too
The postage would probably cost more than the part. As took me 22min to print. I work on £10 per hour print.
I’m UK based and would also be willing to pay for one of these. Anyone?
I doubt that my nephew would want to spend the time making a bunch of these but you never know.

Tell me what one would be worth to you folks and I’ll ask him.

As far as I'm aware, 3dhubs have a service where you can upload the STL files in the OP to have them printed out and sent to you:
3D Hubs: Online manufacturing
You can also print them online from the link in the OP.
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