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A few questions from a bit of a noob


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Feb 17, 2018
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Hi, DJI Mavic Pro user and love it.
Am taking it to South America to visit a family member and get some shots of their property.
I am aware of geo fencing no-fly zones - are there examples of entire countries where this is the case or huge areas? (I'm going to Bolivia). Will the drone work in Bolivia? Is it possible to remove the 500m altitude limit? I would like to get some really high shots and there is now aircraft movement at all where I'm going. Do I need to consider anything other than normal drone good practice when taking the drone abroad?

Secondly, airports - I don't have a carry case. Will remove batteries and propellers - hand luggage ok?

Lastly. Is there such thing as a solar charger for these batteries? I am going to some quite remote areas.

Sorry if all of these sort of questions have previously been answers.
Thank you.