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A2COC for Air 2

Hi All, I post these questions without trying to be in anyway a Devil's Advocate or provocative - I'd appreciate some reasoned opinions, please:
I have an Air 2 (fly more combo and a fitted hard case), purchased early December 2020. At that point I hadn't fully understood the implications of the new legislation (for UK) and made the choice mostly on it's camera specs, so the first part of the question is this:-
Can any one give me any very positive reasons to spend £100 on a Course to get an A2CoC, when it will effectively not be worth anything for my Air 2 after the end of 2022 as the craft will not have the new class rating on it?
I use the Air 2 to supplement my interest in Photography rather than to fly for the sake of flying, so the second part of the question is:-
should I change the little used Air 2 now while it still has some value, for a Mini 2 which will give greater flying flexibility after 2022 (in view of it's weight difference qualifying it for the looser restrictions concerning where you can fly)?
If I keep the Air 2 I guess it will lose significant value after 2022 due to those restrictions.
Does anyone think from actual practice, that I would notice a quality loss in pictures captured on a Mini 2 compared to what really comes off of an Air 2?
Thank you.
I got all the legal certs for me and the drone and always fly very conservatively. However, if I would believe to fly my drone until 2022 (for 3 years) without wrecking it - it would be an optimistic dreamer.

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