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Aircraft Disconnected


Mar 21, 2017
I picked up a Mavic Pro recently, The guy said it ran fine, and he flew it quite often. We made the transaction inside a mall, so I didn't test its flight, but it did turn on, make all the sounds and the tail light flashed red/green a few times, then rapidly flashed yellow.

I get home and get it all charged up... But it won't connect to the RC. It just won't.

I've tried all 4 batteries. I have tried reconnecting the aircraft and the remote, I have updated the remote... But...

-DJI assistant doesn't recognize the aircraft, nor does my Windows PC make a connection with it. (I have tried 4 different cables, even ones that work with other devices including the remove)
-Tail light blinks rapidly yellow
- Red light inside SD card/Wifi/RC switch door does not light up or blink at all.

The gimbal works just fine, the fan comes on, and everything else seems fine.

When I contacted the gent, he said maybe his kid got it wet... I opened it up and saw no water residue or corrosion.

I disconnected the ribbon for the radio card, and it made no changes to its current operation whatsoever. This is my only way of diagnosing the issue so far.

Any suggestions?
To be honest, "maybe his kid got it wet" doesn't sound good.
I also have to say it was 'unwise' not to test fly it as was opening it. In doing that you have opened the door to him saying "you damaged it".

Question, which assistant 2?

Suggestions, remove the memory card from the drone then check whether or not the controller and drone pair with one another.
If not, calibrate the controller then check........
Do you know anyone with a MP? If so ask if they will try their controller with your drone and your controller with their drone.

Are you following the procedures shown in

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