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3 Alaskan Sunrise, 10:30 and 10:50 AM

Dang, what a stunning view! That sunrise is cozy as heck too.
I prefer the second photo - in addition to the sunrise, you can see details of the mountain ranges. Of course, they're all awesome shots.
thanks. I prefer my sunrises at 3AM but that will be a few months away....
Sunset few hours later?
yep yep...sunrise today at 10:46, sunset at 2:42....and keep in mind sunrise is when the first bit of sun breaks the horizon and sunset is when the last bit is gone but...come June it's more like 3AM sunrise and 12:45 AM sunset...totally worth the wait. A couple of years ago I did an 18 hour driving tour, flying my drone here and there the entire time. Sweet.
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I like them all! What beautiful country around you!
Living here is fantastic
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