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  1. Jim D

    2 Pro Sunrise from above my house

    I was at my computer early yesterday morning when I saw the sky start to glow. Went in the backyard and got the drone up and this is what I found. Note Mt. Rainier in the background Shot RAW, manual, processed and stitched in ACR
  2. Gadget Inspector

    2 Pro Sunrise at 1,000 Feet!

    It has been reported that DJI will or has stopped production of the Mavic 2 Pro due to the impending release of the Mavic 3. At this point I think I’ll hang on to mine; it’s still an amazing bird. I used auto settings for the most part since the drone was just hovering with white balance set...
  3. cgmaxed

    Air 2s An Air2S Temps fate and loses. The Flight of Icarus. A Lesson on What Not To Do with Your Drone! DJI comments.

    This is a hyperlapse of a sunrise above the clouds during a high altitude climb and descent. The unknown pilot posts this video with a warning. Do not attempt a hyperlapse at high altitude when the battery can't sustain the flight time needed for the making of the hyperlapse. If needed cancel...
  4. D

    Mini 2 Wamberal Beach / Lagoon Sunrise

    A little bit of freedom in our lockdown
  5. Jim D

    2 Pro Sunrise Over Cascades

    Taken above my backyard in Lake Stevens WA.
  6. B

    Air 2 Sunrise Panorama - Victoria, Australia

  7. BD6FFEFD-0391-4A45-BB54-E15E83B303F7.jpeg


    Captured on my way to work.
  8. mikereidphotography

    2 Pro Missing the Foggy Mornings in Seattle

    Its great that spring is here but I do miss the foggy sunrises we get in Seattle
  9. Drumsagard

    2 Pro Rannoch Moor/Glencoe, Scotland at Dawn

    Some photos from a trip to the Glencoe/Rannoch Moor area on Friday morning. A 3am start got me to the moor well before sunrise and I was rewarded by some great light. Mavic 2 Pro Mini 2 This last photo was shot on my Mini 2 on the way back down Loch Lomond side.
  10. J

    Cabarita Island - Port Maria Jamaica

    Pilot Check-In From Jamaica Yesterday my daughter and decided to go watch the sunrise from a particular location. We got up late so we changed plans and went to explore an island with our Mavic Air 2. Take a look at the video. Let me know your feedback. Hope you enjoy. Link is below
  11. Port Maria and Cabarita Island

    Port Maria and Cabarita Island

    Drone footage and pictures of Port Maria and the beautiful Cabarita Island. My daughter and I decided to take a trip to watch the sunrise in Rio Nuevo but we...
  12. Julius Danziger

    Houston Skyline at sunrise

  13. Beautiful Sunrise + relaxing music | watch, relax, and enjoy!!!

    Beautiful Sunrise + relaxing music | watch, relax, and enjoy!!!

    watch my tenth video on YouTube... and relax.
  14. Julius Danziger

    Air 2 Early morning flight over Bay in Galveston, Texas

    Beautiful sunrise with no wind and the Bay water being very still in Galveston ,Texas Go to: 1.
  15. Sunrise in Lake Shikotsu 2021, Japan

    Sunrise in Lake Shikotsu 2021, Japan

    I was planning to go to shoot the first sunrise on New Year's Day, but the weather forecast was snow, so I went to shoot the first sunrise of 2021 on the 2nd. I took off from near the Lake Shikotsu Tourist Center and took a footage. The temperature was 16 degrees below freezing, so I warmed the batt
  16. Jeremy Clark

    Air 2 Iconic famous mines right on the cliff edge at Botallack, North Cornwall.

    Just after sunrise 2nd Jan 2021
  17. Dunajec River

    Dunajec River

    Dunajec River from a bird's eye view. Drone flight at sunrise near Zakliczyn.
  18. Jim D

    2 Pro Sunrise above my house this morning

    Cascade mountains behind, Lake Stevens on right with Mt. Rainier further south.
  19. Jim D

    2 Pro Washington Pass, North Cascades

    Sunrise on Liberty Bell group at Washington Pass. Blue Lake, the orange trees are larches which loose their needles in the winter. I caught the tail end of their color change from green before they fell off. This is a 9 shot pano stitched in ACR, each shot made up of a burst of 5 that were...
  20. California Wildfire Sunrise 2020

    California Wildfire Sunrise 2020

    This is a timelapse I took with my drone of the sunrise in California during these horrible wildfires.