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  1. Morning Panorama

    Morning Panorama

    Caught the peak of the golden hour this morning.
  2. YourGoodPalJeff

    3 Central Texas Dawn and Dusk

    It's been really cold and windy here, so it's limited my flying time. Calmest times are just before, during, and after dark. Here are some photos I took here in my backyard. There's a golf course across the street, so it gives me a bit more freedom to fly from my driveway since there's a lot...
  3. Wednesday Morning Lights

    Wednesday Morning Lights

    Sunrise over Kelly Reeves Stadium somewhere along the line between Austin and Round Rock.
  4. akdrone

    3 Alaskan Sunrise, 10:30 and 10:50 AM

    One image and then two exposures of the same image.
  5. ECI Air

    Air 2s Lorain Lighthouse at sunrise 08-06-2022

  6. akdrone

    3 Sunrise over the Tanana River, Alaska.

    This is a low resolution version. I've been shooting too much and don't have time to get my recent travels edited but I enjoyed this early moment. Later I came across a few caribou that will make it into my next video short. In the meantime...
  7. akdrone

    3 Get up early to catch the light.

    It's an hour+ to the spot where I shot this tele lens pano and it's a short window of morning light. Sometimes you gotta drive in the dark to get what you want. 20min after this...the sun was up and the pink was gone... meh. But the rest of the day was interesting...more later.
  8. Sunrise in Vancouver

    Sunrise in Vancouver

    A nice sunrise as seen from the NW part of Vancouver Washington. Mt. Hood in the distance.
  9. Jim D

    3 Sunrise Over Lake Stevens

    Mt. Baker on the L, Mt. Pilchuck in center, Mt. Baring on R. Pano shot RAW manually, 2 rows, processed and stitched in ACR.
  10. Kleem

    Air 2s An Ohio Sunrise

  11. Jim D

    3 Last Smoky Sunrise

    Another smoky sunrise view toward the Cascades (Mt. Pilchuck) from above my house in Lake Stevens. Hopefully the winds are changing to blow the smoke east so this should be the last such sunrise of the season.
  12. Jim D

    3 Smoky Sunrise

    For the first time in a while I was able to see the mountains through the wildfire smoke this morning. After the hottest and driest Oct. on record we are desperate for our normal fall rains to douse the fires, hopefully this coming Friday.
  13. DJI_M3-162-MtAdamsSunrise.jpg


    Mt. Adams at sunrise as seen from Vancouver, WA.
  14. Jim D

    3 Seattle Over Lake Stevens

    I took my M3 above my house to capture the sunrise clouds. I didn't realize until editing on the computer that I also caught the morning sun on the distant skyscrapers of Seattle on the skyline center of Lake Stevens, Mt. Rainier on the left, Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound on R. Pano captured...
  15. VenomXts

    Air 2s Sunrise Before The Front/Storm Came Through This Morning In Houston With Clouds Going Insane

    Video, with music Slide Show: Amazing Friday Morning... How is yours going?
  16. VenomXts

    Air 2s Yet Another Sunrise In Texas

    Least we all woke up (hopefully) as I have been watching The Sandman on Netflix. It would really stink to be stuck sleeping forever..
  17. Jim D

    3 Sunrise on Mt. Baker

    Manual pano shot with the tele camera, RAW, processed and stitched in ACR.
  18. Jim D

    3 Sunrise on Mt. Rainier

    Taken from above my house in Lake Stevens with the tele lens, 3 shot manual pano.
  19. Jim D

    3 Sunrise Over Cascades

    Pano captured this morning.
  20. Golden Hour in Between

    Golden Hour in Between

    taken in the far east