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  1. Jim D

    Sunrise Over The Cascades

    Taken from above my house this morning. Mavic Pro 2, For the first time I used the stack-smart object-median method to combine 5 shot bursts to deal with noise. 9 resulting images stitched in PS. Taken from Lake Stevens, Mt. Baker on left, sun behind Three Fingers, Mt. Pilchuck right of center.
  2. Jim D

    Glory Rainbow

    Circular rainbows like this are called a glory. I was on the ridge just below to the right where I'd spent the night. Mavic 2P, 3 RAW images stitched in ACR.
  3. One May Morning

    One May Morning

    Experience the beauty of golden mist as it envelops a forest in the blue ridge mountains at sunrise. Link: https://vimeo.com/335519203
  4. Jim D

    Sunrise Pano

    Flew above my house in Lake Stevens, WA to catch the sunrise this morning. Low fog added nice atmosphere.
  5. BenF

    Sunrise in Westfield, Indiana 5/14/2019

    This is my fist published Mavic Air video. Its got rough edges. Not sure how long to linger with the sun blasting into the lens. Shot at 390 feet after submitting to airmap. Background music: Nobuyuki Tsujii "Elegy for the Victims of the Tsunami of March 11, 2011"
  6. Jim D

    Sunrise over Lake Stevens west side

    I'd been flying from my house to view the lake from the south, but have made it over to the west side a couple times this week for sunrise. M2P
  7. Jim D

    Cascades Sunrise

    Didn't look spectacular from my house, but it only takes a couple minutes to deploy the M2P for the wider view from a few hundred feet.
  8. Jim D

    Sunrise Panorama Over Lake Stevens

    M2P RAW, processed and stitched in ACR
  9. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Green Fields: Sunrise in the Cowlitz Valley

    Even in depths of the winter the Pacific Northwest is green and beautiful. The farms and forests of the lowlands blend together into a patchwork quilt of pastoral quietude. Flying overhead in the fresh light of a January dawn, one is transported beyond the mundane world of rural America into a...
  10. Jim D

    Sunrise Over Lake Stevens

    Day before Christmas 2018 from above my house. Mavic 2 Pro, RAW images processed and stitched in ACR
  11. Jim D

    Sunrise Over the Cascades

    Couldn't see any of this from my driveway, was pretty psyched when I got a couple hundred feet up and rotated east. Mavic Pro II, RAW images stitched in ACR.
  12. Z

    Twilight Dawn - Sunrise Aerial Video

    Filming with Mavic 2 Zoom
  13. Jim D

    Mavic 2 Pro Sunrise above my house

    Just got a Mavic 2 Pro last week and have been learning to fly. I'm a very experienced semi-pro photographer who shoots a variety of cameras up to a Sony A7r II, so I had high expectations after all the release hype. I'm pretty happy with the results so far, but it doesn't match up to my RX100 I...
  14. Savon W.

    Zodiac Ridge - Colorado

    Almost two miles of rugged cliffs that connect Red Peak with Mt. Silverthorn. I've been climbing longer than I've been flying so I always appreciate helpful criticism.
  15. Savon W.

    Sunrise/Sunset - Golden Hour Thread

    Since the dawn of photography people have been drawn to sunrise and sunset. From the long dramatic shadows that stretch on for miles to the ruby red hues with contrasting deep blues. I'd like to see how everyone uses the most dynamic natural light to compose their shots. How does it effect what...
  16. Savon W.

    Buffalo Peak Sunrise

  17. D

    Mavic Air Hyperlapse Settings

    Hello folks, I was trying to make some sunset hyperlapse today, and the result is very grainy footage. I used ND4 and my ISO was set to 100, shutter speed was 1/50 with color profile 0/-3/-2, Cloudy. I set my photo interval to 2 seconds and then I used the tap fly mode and let the drone do the...
  18. HiKen51

    Good reason for a drone

    Mt. Rainier is a huge 14,000+ foot peak, but there are so many hills and trees around you can seldom get a good view. That's one of the things that helped persuade me to invest in a Mavic Pro. I shot this as 9 individual DNGs this AM, then edited in Adobe Camera Raw and merged in Photoshop CS6.
  19. A

    DJI Mavic Air | Cinematic Sunrise 4K

    Finally! My first cinematic video with the Dji Mavic Air filming a sunrise in cold Norway. Temperature was -3 degrees Celsius, or around 26 Fahrenheit. But no matter the cold, the golden hour is as always amazing! Filmed in 25 fps 4K I used Polar Pro Nd Filters 8 and 16