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  1. akdrone

    3 Alaskan Sunrise, 10:30 and 10:50 AM

    One image and then two exposures of the same image.
  2. akdrone

    3 The Taiga Bogs in Fall

  3. akdrone

    3 The entire eastern section of the Alaska Range

    This is the entire section of the eastern portion of the Alaska Range. 75 images, 15x5AEB with the 7x Mavic 3 Tele.
  4. akdrone

    3 Caribou Race in Alaska

    Video starts up after a bit of an intro...
  5. akdrone

    Fire in the Hole!

    I rarely use the "Explore" option...rarely as in only for looking around for animals but yesterday it was the right thing for the first part of a series of demolitions to widen a road - the Dalton Hwy. Here is an excerpt - the money shot- from the video I took. I am looking forward to a "real"...
  6. akdrone

    3 Where the Fox Lives

    Actually shot with the Avata... Note the blurring of the twigs and such. ND32 got me the shutter speed combination I needed.
  7. akdrone

    3 More Portage Glacier, Alaska

    Eventually I'll work up the images and video I took recently into a video but here are three versions of the Portage Glacier and the mountain side to the east (?). The last shot with the rounded hills of snow in the middle is a closer version of the hill toward the left of the first image. The...
  8. akdrone

    3 Portage Glacier view from afar

    The 360 failed, I assume due to wind but much of the view toward the Portage Glacier still "works". Years ago it came miles closer but now it's not even visible from the visitor center. This is close but not right at the visitor center. The visitor center is south of Anchorage and just a bit...
  9. akdrone

    3 More Cook Inlet, Alaska?

    I like this time of year when the inlet is not entirely covered with ice, nor fully thawed. The little chunks of ice change the image from place to place as you drive down the coast. Let me know when you get bored. Mavic 3. Could be more coming. LOL.
  10. akdrone

    3 Cook Inlet, Alaska 360

    I couldn't find anyplace interesting or scenic so I decided to shoot this 360. This is south of Anchorage along Cook Inlet. Mavic 3. There is much more to come but I'm behind at least three drone trips :) with many hours of editing ahead and so little time :):)...
  11. akdrone

    3 Get up early to catch the light.

    It's an hour+ to the spot where I shot this tele lens pano and it's a short window of morning light. Sometimes you gotta drive in the dark to get what you want. 20min after this...the sun was up and the pink was gone... meh. But the rest of the day was interesting...more later.
  12. akdrone

    Join us for a little flying at -40F

    This is more about humorous flying temps than anything so I put it here instead of Photos and Video but mods can move it if they wish. This is just a little excerpt from a flight a year or two ago.
  13. akdrone

    3 Mavic 3 tele meets Denali Sunset - a 40shot panorama

    I went out for a day of shooting, leaving my home in North Pole Alaska to head south. I left around 8 am in pitch black and the first sunrise shots began an hour later around 9AM. The sun came up somewhere in "the flats" around 10:30 AM but in the mountains the sunrise depends on what's between...
  14. akdrone

    3 Matanuska Glacier from the east side

    The Matanuska glacial terminus doesn't show up from this angle but it's a nice shot to my eye. I shot 5image AEB with the tele lens and manually overlapped the images to make the panorama, with 16 separate shots for a total of 90 pics. Whew. The original come in at a whopping 13,705 x 3940 px...
  15. akdrone

    3 Cook Inlet, Alaska

    Mud flats. Mavic 3
  16. akdrone

    3 Fireweed field, Fairbanks Alaska

  17. akdrone

    3 Denali Hwy, Alaska Panorama

    9 shot panorama worked up in Lightroom, taken with my Mac 3 using the 7x zoom lens. Best viewed somewhat large :) Neat image was used on the pano.
  18. akdrone

    3 Short hyperlapse of a Fairbanks Alaska park

  19. akdrone

    3 A glacier somewhere in Alaska

    Alaskan Glacier Mavic 3
  20. akdrone

    3 Alaska Railroad

    The Alaska Railroad runs all year. In the winter it just runs on weekends, traveling north from Anchorage on Sat and back down to Anchorage from Fairbanks on Sunday. It is, I understand, the only existing railroad that will stop in mid run for a person that flags it down, or allow a person to...