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  1. akdrone

    3 A glacier somewhere in Alaska

    Alaskan Glacier Mavic 3
  2. akdrone

    3 Alaska Railroad

    The Alaska Railroad runs all year. In the winter it just runs on weekends, traveling north from Anchorage on Sat and back down to Anchorage from Fairbanks on Sunday. It is, I understand, the only existing railroad that will stop in mid run for a person that flags it down, or allow a person to...
  3. akdrone

    2 Pro Atigun Pass, Alaska

    Much of the footage was done with an FPV and other parts with a 2s.
  4. E

    Air 2 Flying in Alaska

    Last year my wife and I managed to visit various spots in Alaska - what an amazing place. We made a quick video highlighting some of our favorite experiences. Hope you enjoy the video!
  5. P

    Compilation Of Flying In Happier Times

    Hi With restrictions now in place pretty well everywhere, I thought I’d put together a mishmash of places I’ve been fortunate enough to fly my Mavic at. See how many places you prizes just the personal satisfaction. Take care and stay safe. Peter
  6. MikeC

    Abandoned Mine Skiing in Alaska

    Filmed with my Mavic 2 Pro
  7. MikeC

    Alaskan Hyperlapse

    Filmed today with my Mavic 2 Pro
  8. MikeC

    Alaska Fall Sunrise

    I never know what kind of images I am going to get. Took a chance this morning and got lucky with the sun poking out. I do know one thing...if I don't go I won't get any photos!
  9. MikeC

    Alaskan Sunrise Panorama

    3 image panorama stitched in Lightroom. Taken with my Mavic 2 Pro.
  10. MikeC

    Alaska Fall Colors

    Today with the Mavic 2 Pro. 3 shots stitched in Lightroom.
  11. MikeC

    Mavic 2 Mountain Panorama

  12. MikeC

    Alaska Railroad

    Alaska Railroad cargo train filmed with my Mavic 2 Pro.
  13. MikeC

    Aerial Alaska with Mavic and Mavic 2

  14. MikeC

    Alaska Earthquake Damage

    From my Mavic 2 Pro, accessing damage on our only highway into Anchorage from Wasilla
  15. MikeC

    Alaska Hyperlapse

    Finally edited several hyperlapses this week. All shot with Mavic 2 Pro
  16. MikeC

    Alaskan September

    Our fall was fantastic up here:
  17. MikeC

    Dog Sled Race filmed with Mavic

    Start actually surprised me so the footage is not as smooth as I normally do. Only got one chance at it.
  18. mysticgnarwhal

    ALASKA - The Last Frontier

    Hey all! After hours an hours of cutting my footage down, I finally finished my video from my trip to Alaska this past fall. It's not all drone shots, but I would appreciate if you would take a gander. The drone shots are all with the Mavic Pro and I used mostly the Polar Pro ND/4 Polarizer...
  19. MikeC

    Fall in Alaska Version 2

    Faster beat, shorter and added clips.
  20. MikeC

    Fall in Alaska