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Altitude restrictions??

I only passed my Part 107 Exam last month and have not yet received my actual license. As you can see in the overlay map I included earlier of my "turf" it does not show that the Class D airspace that almost completely encompasses the entire peninsula that I live on with Langley AFB, Patrick Henry International Airport, and Fort Eustis and its field (Helicopters…).

At this moment, I have over 10 approved authorizations (the FAA uses the same form for both a waiver and an authorization…) from the FAA to fly in the various parks, around the area. A while back, when I was still a Recreational Pilot, I requested permission to fly my drone around my property, not to exceed 50'. I live on the very western edge of a zero altitude zone. I can fly my drone up to 400' in the street in front of my home, but if I land in my driveway, I'm back in the "Drone Taxi Zone…"

I included the information that my property has six maple trees that exceed 100' and I will not approach the height of the trees.

The FAA disapproved my request as they said they did not believe that I could complete the flight safely.

I did not pursue the issue as I had planned to acquire my Part 107 License and then apply for commercial purposes (roof inspections and real estate photos…) and decided that the fight would only muddy the waters when I applied to fly with the license…

A while back, I posted a question to see if any Licensed 107 Commercial Pilots had ever applied to fly within the Washington DC NFZ. I have got to believe that the huge almost 3,000 square mile area around DC has had no commercial drone activity for roof inspection, construction inspection, real estate photos, etc… However, I received no replies either way, approved or disapproved…

When I do receive my license, I will apply to fly in my neighborhood and I will for "S%#ts and Grins" apply to perform a roof inspection at some address in the outlying areas of the NFZ.

Wish me Luck…
My (possibly incorrect) understanding is that the FAA does not approve zero-grid requests from recreational flyers, so that would explain the initial denial, I think.

Regarding the DC question, I know of government agencies doing drone detection testing in the FRZ, but I would be surprised if anyone outside of like a big Hollywood production would ever get approval. I look at a fair amount of home listings (just because I'm a homeowner here and like to look at what else is out there) and have NEVER seen a drone photo, so it's certainly not common even if it is possible. Most commercial overflight stuff is done by plane or helicopter AFAIK. The National Park Service just did a bunch of filming at the Capitol a few weeks ago and they did it with a helicopter...which, given how expensive that would be, I have to assume that the onerous approval process was a factor for not using a drone (in addition to things like getting their pilots flight time, etc...).
Right, that's why I said I understand the rationale...and you need that additional context to make sense of the rules because just saying "drones can't fly at any altitude because objects in the sky would be unsafe in this zone" is clearly not accurate in an area where lots of buildings are higher than "zero."

I wasn't necessarily answering just you, as I think others have pointed out this anomaly as well.

The point I was trying to make is that these buildings are part of the landscape, and at times are even VFR checkpoints - they are part of what pilots expect to see and use even for reckoning.

If you're a manned pilot flying into a familiar area, you know and expect those buildings. A manned pilot cannot expect to see a drone.
I saw this topic and caught my attention !

I always think about it and I don't accept it!!

I'm in Brazil. Maximum height limit in rural area, 120m.

I like to shoot landscapes with hills and mountains to see above, but by the legal rules and dji, I often can't.

Height limit 120m from the ground by law and 500m by DJI.

But... the ground rises close to the hill or mountain!

I go up the hill, keeping the height within the height limit to the ground, but referring to the takeoff point exceeds the limit !

I don't think it's right. There is no air traffic 50m high from the hill!

I'd be 200... 300m high referring to the take-off point, but actually 50m from the ground at the point on the hill !

I believe that by dealing with the part of this discussion of the topic that deals with altitude (obviously excluding safety areas with restriction or prohibition), it would be enough to set the height from the point where the drone is, and not from the point of takeoff !

That should be revised!

I think it's wrong!

What are your considerations and opinions?
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