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Am I doing anything wrong?


Sep 2, 2018
I tried using the DJI goggles for the first time today but being long sighted I can't use them without glasses or buying a set of the corrective lenses. The strange thing is that I normally wear 2 diopter glasses for reading but they're no good with the googles. I have a pair of 4 dipoter glasses for detailed close up work about 8" away but they're not strong enough either. I'm going to need at least 5 or 6 diopter before it becomes clear enough to see anything clearly, just as though I need to focus on the screens that are 6" inches in front of me (they're probably not far off that distance). They look ok when I tested them with the 2 and 4 diopter glasses together. Does this sound right or do you think maybe the goggles are missing some lenses?
Check out: They make lens inserts which snap into place, specifically designed for DJI Goggles (RE and Original).
You can get any diopter strength you chose. I have a set on my original goggles and they work well.
Thanks DroneTone, I'm in the UK so would need to import them. I was mainly wondering if the big increase in diopter from 2 to 6 needed to view the screens clearly sounded right or whether there's something amiss somewhere.
That could be right, the goggles are set for younger eyes.
Being older but with fairly good vision, I still need 2 diopter to bring the screen comfortably into focus.
Without them strains my eyes over the 15 minute or so viewing interval.
I would definitely need glasses to view them seeing as I use 2 diopter reading glasses normally but it doesn’t seem right that I would need to go up to 6 diopter to view the goggles clearly. I was wondering whether anyone else had the same problem, other posts talk about wearing 2 diopter glasses normally but needing 3 or 3.5 diopter for the goggles.
Thanks DroneTone, I'm in the UK so would need to import them. I was mainly wondering if the big increase in diopter from 2 to 6 needed to view the screens clearly sounded right or whether there's something amiss somewhere.
My reading lenses are #2 but for my goggles I have 3.5 lenses from DJI but 4 or 4.5 would be better as I can feel I strain if I use them for a few batteries
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Thanks Pipo1943, I get a clear and sharp view when I use my #2 reading glasses together with my #4 close up glasses which I assume would be equivalent to #6 glasses. Neither are strong enough to use on their own. #6 glasses would be strong enough to view the screens close up without any magnification lenses in the goggles which made me wonder if anything is wrong with them. I can see there are the normal lenses in the goggles that you see but I don’t know whether there should be another set inside them that may be missing. Perhaps.

Thanks Canuk, I read elsewhere that people have used #3.5 lenses when their reading glasses are #2 which made me wonder why I would need as strong as #6. #4 glasses aren’t strong enough for me either so I'll probably buy some #6 glasses and see how it goes.
Update: I received my #6 glasses and the screens look very clear and sharp. Still puzzled as to why I need an increase of as much as 4 diopter.
At the risk of repeating what I said on the other Goggles/glasses thread, I can use my RE Goggles with just cheap reading glasses so I don't know if this helps the o/p or not as I have never really understood eye problems. All I know is that my excellent vision of old is no more at least for reading and I thought this was because my eyes have become less elastic with age. I usually need x 2 for reading and I use just a cheap pair (very - £1!). As the image in the Goggles is so close I tried x 3 magnification and they work perfectly and I think the immersive experience is probably better than for a person not needing any glasses as the image is not only clear but magnified. I have even tried x 3.5 and these focus well also. I have very little experience of FPV using the Goggles and it may be that the resulting image is actually too large as I find I have to look around it as it is too big for my eye/brain combo to take in complete. I would be interested to read what others think about this.

Edit: As an o/t observation I started to need reading glasses some 8 years ago (mid fifties) and it got progressively worse until I needed to wear them to read my pc screen and laptop. However what is interesting is my job was mainly desk based and I used a pc a lot during the day but since retiring some 3 years ago I use a computer screen less and I have noticed my eyes have improved significantly and I no longer need glasses when at the computer. So it would appear that computer screens may make the problem worse and that not using one and therefore wearing reading glasses a lot less means the eye works harder and some elasticity is restored (that's my theory but it could also be a load of rubbish !)
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Thanks Storyline, I too started needing reading glasses in my 50s and I also used a PC a lot before I retired 3 years ago though I've not noticed any improvement since then. I also wear 2 diopter reading glasses that I bought on eBay for a few pounds, I'm not surprised that 3 and 3.5 diopter glasses worked ok with the goggles which made me wonder why I need 6 diopter to do the same (they’re thick lenses like the bottom of beer glasses!).

If the screen image is too large to view in the goggles you should be able to shrink it to the ideal size. I don’t know how you do it in the DJI app but a menu comes up to do this when using the goggles with the HDMI input. If it is possible with the DJI app someone might advise on how.
Thanks OJsakila, I tried my +4 close up glasses but they weren’t quite strong enough for me. I don’t know why when +2 glasses are fine for reading for me as well. I ended up buying some +6 glasses for £10 on Amazon (UK) and they give a sharp image. The only problem with them being so strong is that with the lenses in the goggles the edges of the image are rather distorted and fuzzy (but not distorted when wearing them without). When I looked at the DJI lenses they didn’t go up to +6 so had to go with separate glasses.
Hmm.. I guess that might be your only work around at the moment.. Try maybe disconnecting the temple arms from your 6+ cheaters and maybe "fashioning" them into the goggles with shoo goo or something similar and non-permanent... With shoo-goo you can always pull it apart and remove it without any residue and minimum effort. This is an amazing product and non-toxic and can be used for just about anything without damaging any surface... 81hUkRF8tuL._SL1500_.jpg
Looks good stuff but I don't think fashioning them into a different shape will make any difference. The distortion appears to be due to the curvature of the +6 lenses next to the goggles lenses when viewed at a slight angle towards the edges of the image (mainly looking left and right). The image is fine in the middle square area and moving the glasses around, pushing them flat against the goggles lenses and pulling them away doesn't make any difference, worse if anything. So I'll probably have to live with the edge distortion. To make matters worse, they mist up within half a minute of putting them on, I have to keep taking them off and blowing on them to clear them.
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