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Ananke Drone repair


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Jun 12, 2018
Hi from Gold Coast. Sorry my first post is a bummer but here gos .
I crashed my Mavic in February in a palm tree ( applause please) and wanted a quick repair. Did a search and ended up going with Ananke Drone repair in Melbourne. They said they were a DJI approved repairer and off it went . It came back in about 10 days with a new gimbal and rotor arm fixed . I fired it up and gimbal cocked sideways about 45 degrees also all sorts of overheating warnings came on .
Called them back , sent it back and then had to go back to work . Since a reply email , nothing , no response, crickets .
Anyone know about them or the owner Nemo Biluš Abaffy ?
Any info greatfully received.

Regards Smithy
G'day Smithy

I spoke to someone else who used Ananke whose drone came back in worse condition than they sent it to them.

I did a lot of research and found out that a lot of these repairers send your drone back to China without you knowing which is why they are hard to contact and take ages as they are just a middle man. If you cant request a photo of your drone next to today's paper then your drone is overseas and your not getting a local repair.

It was because all of the above I chose Drone MRO in Melbourne for my phantom 4 repair and was so impressed with their service i left a google review. Would definitely use again if i prang my new Mavic.

Cheers Trev
You did better than us.
Ananke Drone Repairs (Nemo Bilus Abaffy Co Director with Sarah Lambrou)
Drone & Repair Costs all have disappeared ....!
No response at all ....!!
Interested in what we are doing about it. Let us know
Just sent my mavic off to Drone MRO in melbourne. Had the same positive experience..Sent email and was contacted within five minutes to complete arrangements for repair. Go MRO!
Just have received my drone back in excellent condition from Drone MRO in south melbourne. Wow! real service with a smile and any problems solved over the phone. Can highly recommend this business!
The only problem was Australia Post....snail parcel mail! It took 8 days to get from south melbourne to my address in Maclean NSW. It took 3.5 working days to get from the business in south melbourne to south melbourne post office!
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