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Android or iPad....... Help


New Member
Mar 28, 2018
Universal City,TX
Hello Folks ! !
I need a bit of assistance.
I am currently using an Android phone and really need to upgrade, not only for Drone use but for everything else too.
I talked to 2 different drone shops In the Dallas Texas Area ( we have no drone specific shops in San Antonio) and it seems all 3 say go to iphone / iPad.
The trouble with iphone/pads is that in hot weather , they tend to overheat and quit working...I use an iPad daily for work and I am outside in the heat 90 % of the time.
I prefer an Android setup, but am open to suggestions.
Thanks in advance for any and all help.
It would be helpful to know what DJI recommends. I use an old Nexus 5 as the RC drone interface, and it seems to work just fine, so far. I use a galaxy A5 for everything else. Unless someone can provide hard data, I'd say go with what you like.
I would never use an Apple product. Dont like their business model or their tax dodging in Australia.

Android works fine for me.
Apple is recommended because the app doesn't crash.
Android seems to be hit or miss.
But since I'm Android guy, I would still stick to Android over iOS.
Samsung Tab S2 8.0 is probably the best choice. Samsung makes some of the brightest screens and that Amoled screen is gorgeous although no phone or tablet comes close to my Note 8 1200+ nits.
I almost pulled the plug on S2, but decided to wait on S4 and see what it brings. S3 seems to only come in 9.7" and that feels too big.
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