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Another fly away story


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Mar 15, 2018
Sydney Australia
I have a Magic Air with the latest updates to two weeks ago. I've not had any problems till two weeks ago. I was flying and having no problems when suddenly I had a disconnect. I was close enough to see the ma clearly and it just took off over the ocean. I tried hitting the return to home button and I got nothing. It flew out of sight. I ran up a small hill but still no connection. I was shattered. A few minutes later I heard the ma and saw it was returning. It had taken off with precision take off engaged. As the ma came back I never got a reconnect nor did any stick response work. It came down to about a Meyer above the ground and just hovered. It was several metres away from take off area. It just hovered for a bit and did not land. I hand grabbed the ma and turned it sides ways as seen before and the motors stopped. After reviewing data on the phone nothing looks wrong in my novice eyes. Is there a black box of data on the drone itself of the last flight? I reviewed the video taken and it is interesting as the drone doesn't spin out if control but makes a series of turns and eventually when I assume the battery is to low it returns. Thankfully. I'm worried about flying again. I'm on holiday in Norway which is a long way from Australia. Any ideas if there is an internal data log?
When it flew off did it look like it was retracing the route you previously flew? When it enters RTH due to RC disconnect it will trace the route it took to get to that point, the theory being that it’s a safe flight path. The distance from the take-off point may have been because you didn’t go vertically high enough to record an accurate RTH image (needs at least 10m). The hover may have been because it deemed the landing point unsafe.
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a "Fly Away" implies that it flew away and did not return

Yes - in this case the aircraft was simply following its programming - on uplink loss it will retrace the previous 30 s of flight to attempt to regain the connection. If that fails, it will then RTH direct to the home point.
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Thank you.
I reviewed the video footage and you are correct. The MA turns around and back tracks for a bit and then flies back home. I didn't catch this as it was flying to me when I lost connection. It then turned around and flew away from me. Where it was hovering above when it returned was all big rock not the place it took off from. Explains why it didn't land. Still I'm curious why it disconnected in the first place and never recovered.
Here is the disconnect. You can see my wife and I standing in the top right corner of the screen right before it disconnected and flew away.

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