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  • Just want to say thanks for all of the knowledge you share on this web site. Being new to the world of drones I enjoy reading and learning as much as I can and you definitely supply a lot of knowledge !
    Hey sar104, I was impressed with the graph you created and wondering if it was generated by an app. I lost two inexpensive drones in the past, but still have the stats. I would love to have the app to try my hand at retrieval. They were cheap drones with only with altitude hold. In light wind with low battery they quickly became feathers floating on the breeze when the motors succumb to the wind and/or lost signal.
    Hi sar104, Apologies for the direct post.... I have read a few threads and seen you have been very knowledgable and was hoping you could help me with my issue... my drone dropped out the sky (into a lake). The flight log is here.. can you help? http://phantomhelp.com/LogViewer/ETQXAMYJ94JN9BI9U171/
    thanks for your help with the flight log... I have found the drone and updated the thread with a little more info. Thanks very much for your input, appreciate you taking the time to help.
    thanks for the reply was nice off you to check this so dji will say the same so that 900 quid down the drain I guess. live and learn I guess and thanks
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