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Bad vision? Litchi will be adding Portrait View for the Mavic!


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Oct 12, 2016
Marietta, GA
Ok, adding this to our todo list however it is a large undertaking and it may be some time before you see it.

Great reply from Litchi, these are some great folks. Awesome news for old guys and half blind pilots who need the bigger tablets. So excited to see this feature, hope I don't have to wait as long as I did for the Mavic.
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I wanted to get it out there in case folks were not following that thread. That was a general thread and this was a more specific subject. I don't believe I violated any forum rules by doing this. My apologies if I am incorrect.

It's a big game changer for me, huge.

Perhaps I should clarify what Litchi is adding since it seems most folks aren't getting it.
DJI Go and Litchi both only work on your device in landscape mode, where the horizontal is longer than the vertical.
With the update you can chose in Litchi to display in Portrait View, the vertical is longer than the horizontal.
This way just about any sized mobile device can now be used with the RC no matter how silly it might look. At least I will be able to keep my eyes on what's going on better using the much larger display of the iPad Air 2, not the iPad mini which is considerably smaller.

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Really great and definately deserves its own thread! Just what i wanted so I can use my ipad that fits well in portrait view on the Mavic controller.

Hope they will hav different layouts, clean camera vie on half and controls on other half, camera view on halv and map view on other half etc.

Any news on when it will be available?

It's not something I would use but I can see that would be useful if you wanted to use an iPad in that way. I'm now going to try my iPad Mini in the controller like that and try autopilot.

Also, I think forums are more effective if threads are well labelled on different topics instead of a thousand page generic post so I think I separate topic is fine.
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