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Ballistic chute systems for drones ?


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Apr 22, 2023
My background is aviation and more and more light aircraft are being fitted with BRS ( ballistic recovery systems )
Basically a chute fired out which lowers the aircraft and its occupants to the ground safely !
Cirrus prob the best known which has saved hundreds of lives.
Drones are so restricted by weight for the fear that one falling at terminal velocity hits an uninvolved person !
Surely smaller less than 2 KG drones could be fitted with a small chute maybe spring ejected while larger heavier drones could have their own fired ballistic system ?
It has crossed my mind many times that this could alleviate concerns especially whrn out of sight comes to fruition ?
Parachutes for drones have been out for a long time. However, it has not been very helpful with the BVLOS issue. I does help in getting a wavier for flying over people.
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The problem that I had with my first chute , was DRIFT , no way to control it as the wind takes it .
You could be flying over the River nice an safe and next thing you know the drone shifting over to the Highway very scary. I would rather the drone just drop straight down.
Gear to fly in the Rain.
I have always been concerned about loss of control with my larger drones and wondered if one of the chute systems would be a good safety choice (instead of total power off). I have had some bad and exspensive crashes while testing.

I would think that the engineering staff at DJI could come up with safety options. (using motor control and air braking).
The issue I see with chutes is they could get tangles in props when deployed since loss of control is totally variable.

I doubt that they would be needed on the Mini or Air series.

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