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Battery indicator Mavic 2 Pro - in P Mode


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Apr 5, 2017
Fully juiced battery at 100% flying on a windy evening. Every time I lean the Mavic 2 into the 15 mph wind I notice the time remaining on the battery indicator drops significantly by almost 50%. IOnce turned around with the wind behind the drone the time remaining returns to normal. I get that in Sport mode the battery depletes faster and should indicate a shorter flying time. Does anyone know what changed on the Mavic 2? I noticed the speed of the drone was very fast into the wind vs the Mavic Pro which would reduce to under 10mph. Thanks in advance for helping me understand how to interpret this change.
I would guess its because the M2 is faster by default in P-GPS and other modes so where its speed limited with a tail wind that speed is faster now.
I think the pitch limits are the same though.
Possibly they've just fixed the algorithm to better calculate the wind.

Actually, is it possible this could cause careless people MORE issue with wind? They can go further with the wind (as its faster) but still pitch limited to M1 standards coming back?
It has to work harder into the wind, that is why so many new or inexperienced fliers get into a lost drone situation. They fly away with a tail wind and then turn and try to fly back against a head wind. 99.9% of the time the winds aloft will always be stronger than at ground level Two good tools to monitor wind are UAV Forecast and Ventusky for your display (Android and IOS)
Here are some examples
2 - UAV Forecast - Ground - NO     .jpg 2 - UAV Forecast - Elevation - NO     .jpg
3 - UAV Forecast - Ground - OK     .jpg 3 - UAV Forecast - Elevation - OK     .jpg
1 - UAV Forecast - Ground - OK      .png 1 - UAV Forecast - Elevation - NO      .png
As you can see from the various conditions, it MIGHT appear that it is a good fly day and when you get out a distance and try to return to home, it AIN'T goin' to happen.

Not uncommon to have flyable winds at ground level and 200 - 300' it is 30 - 40 MPH. Pray for @sar104 or others to be available.
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