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Battery nr 3 only flash green lights once but not want to charge at all

Leif Eriksen

Nov 26, 2017
Hi, I bought a DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo STD yesterday. When I got home, I started charging all three batteries in the supplied charging hub. Two of the batteries fully charged without any problems. I could follow the charging on the LED lights and understand how they soon get fully charged, took a little more than one hour per each. However, the third battery behaved differently. When put it on charge the whole row with led lights flash with green lights once, then the bottom green lamp flashed a few times. Then nothing happened. And after a while it blink a little, but then stopped. And when I tried to put the battery in the drone anyway, but it did not want to start. So for me it seems like it not want to receive charging.

On the other two batteries, after charging the drone started fine and I have also updated the firmware on them and also updated the controller. I've even been flying a little today without any problems.

Have left the third battery that does not work to charge for many hours in the charger today. Have also tried to charge without using the hub and also tested with the car charger. But I can not charge it.
Have searched this forum, read the manual and search with google during the day to find a solution - but cant find anything that looks exactly like my problem.
Is it something that I can do - or do I have to contact DJI?
Just return the faulty battery ...
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