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Battery Removal


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Mar 20, 2023
I did a search and didn't find anything on this: I was busy so I hope I remembered all the symptoms accurately.

I was flying yesterday and I THINK I might have removed a battery from my Air 2 without first powering the 'copter down. I noticed a single LED remained on and I heard a 'beep' combination I've never heard before (that must have been when I put it back in). I put it back in the copter and tried to power up or down with no luck. I was in a bit of a hurry to continue, so I put another battery in, flew with no problems, and when I landed, put the first one back and then it powered down properly. I charged it back up when I got home and it seems fine. All four LEDs are on. I'll be flying later today so I'll use that battery and see, but for now it's acting normal.

I hope I got all the details correct. Does this sound like something that might happen if the battery is pulled before powering down? I'm not going to try it again just to find out :)
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there are "failsafes" you can trigger and its not good at all to remove the battery in that way for sure you could destroy the drone in rare cases. It sounds like you got away with it this time thats a good thing.
I would just Do as you are and watch a little closer on the controller side of things for a few more flights BUT Sounds like you are fine.
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Thanks. I'm usually good about these things, but I was trying to get a few things done at once. This is one of those things now that I'll think of every time I change batteries. The mental check list.
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back in the day of the Air 2 we use to Hot Swap the battery in a lightning storm to get back up in the air as fast as possible, never caused any harm .
Gear to fly your Air 2 in the Rain. Land on the Water.

Just remember to finalize the last video recording before removal and to turn the spent battery OFF after removing before storing.

I learned back in the SPARK days that it's possible to power up the battery accidentally and wonder why it's flashing sitting in my case. :D
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