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Blank screen


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Jul 27, 2018
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My buddy sent me this.

We’re pretty good at figuring things out. But we have reached the point of “out options”

He recently re-calibrated his IMU, he didn’t fly right away, in fact, today was his first flight after calibration.

Mavic Pro issues

Dji go 4 app connects perfectly to my Mavic Pro with no errors but is displaying a blank screen. I have restarted my phone, the Mavic Pro, and controller; I switched out the batteries, deleted the app and reinstalled it. I am unable to control any movement on the camera from the controller. I also connected the drone to my computer and performed a vision calibration test through the dji assistance app. I was able to see video footage during the calibration. But once I tried to reconnect for a flight, It still displays a blank screen with no errors noted.

Any ideas?
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