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Brevard NC

I'm in Pisgah Forest. What are you flying & do you have your 107 ticket?

I am also in Pisgah Forest , off Lyday Loop Rd.
I just have some cheaper quads now, but have a Mavic Air Fly More bundle coming Friday , and I am seriously waiting for the New DJI coming Wednesday . I have a collection of Original arcade games from the 80"s I and selling off and have money to go from the cheap OK drones to the real thing with DJI. I have a friend that's in the Navy and he is over the drone program and I flew his Mavic Pro while he was here on the 4th . WOW made me a believer in about 2 seconds . Ordered my Mavic Air the next day. Maybe we can get together , I don't know anyone here that flys, we moved here from Alabama and all my kids and friends are there . Happy to meet you and make some friends with similar interest close by . I also am a Ham Radio operator for 45 years , but not very active since we moved here . Also I don't have any license so maybe you can give me some info on that .
Thanks again
I thought I was in a private
message section here so I
deleted my last post.

Looking for a way to private message you.
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Hey Mike & Johnny ... Are you guys still around? I am brand new to hobby flying, and am in your area. If you know of a good, legal place we can take these things (mine is a Mavic Air) to try to learn the skills needed, could you share some info?

It looks to me like there MIGHT be a couple of interesting areas near me, but I'd rather have a large open area to learn in before I try those, which I think will take some prior learning before any first attempts.

Thanks for any pointers you can give me.

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Welcome, this is a great site and flying is a great hobby . I am in Pisgah Forest about 3 miles from the entrance to the National Park near Brevard . I will message you here for more info

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I haven't been on here in a while.
I cycle through my hobbies, but I am
always up for talking about drones.

Mike has my number, so either of you
can call me anytime. If I don't answer
the call, leave a voicemail.


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Hey John , glad to see you on .
I am going this morning with my son visiting from Alabama to a great place to fly at a friends house up on a mountain near you , just waiting to warm up a little .
Hope you and your family are doing good and have a Merry Christmas .
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Wow! This is GREAT! I was a bit, let's say, un-optimistic, that this thread seemed to have died back in July. I am SO happy now that I decided to write.

Looking forward to meeting you both after the holidays.

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly!!@
What drone are you flying?
Proud new owner of a Mavic Air, John.

FWIW, I also bought a cheap thing (<$100), looks a bit like the Air, but only 6oz, so I can play around, learn flying without all of the built-in stabilization that the MA provides, and crash without crying.

I have yet to get either of them in the air outside, mainly due to snow (slush) cover, being too close to airports, and pre-holiday busy-ness!

Am I correct in assuming I don't need to worry about the airport proximity with the 6oz toy? I certainly wouldn't take it up much past the treetops, nor too far away. But from what I can find, regulations only pertain to craft that weigh more than 0.55lbs. 6oz is only 0.38lbs. So, is it legal to play with this baby in my yard?
Under 400 ft AGL is good to go.
Do you live the Transylvania Airport?

No, John, not Transylvania. My local airport is Hendersonville, and I also need to concern myself with Pardee Heliport, according to the maps.

I really want to start flying, but I've been trying to get up to speed on legalities and safety, first. So I procrastinate ;-)
Hi Paul,
I don't think just flying around your yard would break any rules/laws . I fly based on common sense and safety . I have a little over 2 acres and a big area adjacent to my property that I fly almost daily with no concerns.
I have friends that live about 3100 FT and went there yesterday and fly my first 5280 ft out distance .
Their house is on top of the mountain and overlooks Brevard . So 4 0r 5 miles of unobstructed view . It was my best experience flying so far and I have been flying drones for only about 1 yr .
I am about 20 minutes from Hendersonville and would be glad to get with you after the holidays if you would like .
I am by no means the best pilot around but I think I do OK, and I do lots of reading and research to try to learn all I can .
DJI drones are great but fairly complicated and have many thing to learn and watch while flying .
Good luck
Hey Mike,

Yeah, I couldn't stand waiting and looking at my two machines on the table gathering dust. Yesterday was a really nice, sunny day, and the slush was gone from my backyard, so I took the 6 ouncer out and tried it. First flight was tricky, and I found it very difficult to maneuver. Using trim, it never turned on a dime, but drifted whichever way the (very light) breeze took it. It wound up going over my house, and I quickly brought it down in the front yard.

The second attempt was nowhere near as "successful". And it wound up going into the wall of my house, breaking a couple of the blade guards.

So I learned that the lighter the craft, the more its affected by wind.

I then took a REAL chance, figuring the GPS and stabilization of the Air would make it easier to handle. And it was. This bird pretty-much stayed where it was put, and was actually a lot of fun. I took it up about 30', rotated using trim, and was amazed at how it could stay in place. I fiddled with the gimbal a bit, up and down, and tried to get some shots of my house (need to blow off the pine needles!). It all worked very nice...

Except when I tried RTH. I was aware that RTH goes up to 100', and works best when you put it at about a 60' altitude before moving laterally, so I was watching really carefully. It started out okay, retracing the various moves I had made, and then went up. But I didn't like where it was going after that, and killed RTH to bring it down manually. I got pretty panicky when it got VERY close to a large tree, but I was able to maneuver it away and land safely {whew}. So I finally got my first flights done, and I think I learned a LOT!

Your place sounds great! My yard is only 1/2 acre, and it has a lot of trees, so it's hard to do very much. I would LOVE to meet up with you to fly around, and chat. Thank you!

Your 3100' elevation flight sounds (and looks) wonderful! Wow, the screen shot is very nice.

Anyway, Lots more to say, but wife us calling. Thanks again, Mike.
I Paul I sent you my email in a message here. If you had rather talk that way , if you email me I can give you my phone number , also I have John's phone for this post . he lives close to me .
The toy drones are just that , toys . Once you get the hang of your Air , I doubt you will ever fly the cheap one . But its good the got to see the difference on your first outing .
The Air , along with all the other , DJI drones are rock steady and response to your control is great . I seem to always smile while flying my Air , it's just Fun having that little thing yipping around . It's much louder like a swarm of horns compared to my Mavic Pro and Mavic 2 pro .
Glad you got to try yours and I know you will soon be hooked , it's great fun .
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