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Buying Avata 2 vs using my Air 3 in FPV Questions

If all you want is the ability to see your Air 3 footage with goggles and control it with the motion controller then thats fine. You wont be able to use the regular controller with the goggles. Not from the factory anyhow, there are some hacks to make it work but assume you will only use the motion controller otherwise. With the Avata, you can add the FPV RC 3 which you cannot do with the Air 3. Hope that helps.
You can officially use Mini4/Air3 own Rc2 or Rc-N2 controller when using Goggles 3. But still - it's just videofeed to goggles instead of Rc2 or phone. And you lose DJI Fly app waypoints, POI, Activetrack and so on because Goggles have different software...

I have tried to use Mini 4 Pro with Goggles 2&3 + MC2/3 - you can fly but recording is not usable - too jerky (mostly up-down movements). It's eazy to fix by software - just to slow down gimbal up-down movement! But DJi haven't done that.
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Welp, I bit the bullet and bought the Avata 2 Fly More (3 Battery). Going to pick it up today and hope to get it in the air tomorrow.

Thanks for all of your input!
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You will love it
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