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Can Mavic 3 be upgraded with gimbal camera from Mavic 3 Pro?

Silly him.
Not something I would have attempted.

Expensive lesson there. Does this mean the circuit board is slight different to the original? Maybe to accommodate the triple camera system

It must be.

Not sure why some people think Mavic 3 and Mavic 3 Pro are identical, except the gimbal cameras. In reality, there are many subtle changes, both inside and outside.


Yes, small but noticeable differences
Considering the Mavic 3 is now over 18 months old, you'd expect some optimization of the flying platform in the latest iteration. Glad they keep raising the bar! At least the batteries are fully interchangeable, which I was able to confirm today by inserting an older Mavic 3 battery into my Mavic 3 Pro, after completing all updates to the new Mavic 3 Pro aircraft and DJI RC. No Version Mismatch error or Inconsistent FW prompt from using Mavic 3 batteries in the Mavic 3 Pro, contrary to some other posts.
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You can't even pair a new camera that is the same to a different aircraft without DJI software so I don't know why he would think swapping a different camera would work.
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