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Air 2s Can the DJI Air 2S perform well in low light?

I think so. The footage of the express trains passing is clear even though the light is fading on the last one. And it was pretty close to dark at the end of the video.
Can the DJI Air 2S perform well in low light conditions?

Very nicely done. And a beautiful landscape. I agree that the Air 2S's low-light capabilities are amazing. I've been very impressed while shooting post-sunset time lapse videos. (with the required 3 nm visible strobe)

It's good to hear music in a drone video that doesn't sound like the dramatic, pounding soundtrack a fast-paced chase scene with exploding cars and alien laser weapons or a trade show video pusing the XYZ5000 TurboGadget.
I like it - Well Done. Beautiful area with the fall colors in there.
Very nice!
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