Can this battery pack work with the mavic car charger?

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    I had a cheap (£10) "500w" inverter I got off of eBay for using when charging my old P3P batteries but the outlet in my old car used to get hot but my old car did have 3 after market sound amplifiers and some other bits too so I put the heat down to that maybe. One day I took off with 100% charge and at about 30% when I was getting ready to land it cut out.

    Could the inverter have caused the old P3P battery to give a false reading? Or maybe degraded it in some way that it cut out at 30%? After repairs, it seems that the batteries worked fine but I didn't use the inverter again (I sold it at this point as I needed money for my son who was due to be born).

    And is there any other issues the cheap inverter could cause or should I go ahead and start using it with the mavic batteries?

    Does anyone know of any cheaper mavic car chargers? If so, will they damage my mavic battery?

    His is the battery pack in question: Nextbase External Battery Pack - Suitable for All Nextbase DVD Players inc Nextbase SDV Players, Nextbase Click & Go along with The Nextbase iN Car Cameras 402G, 512G, 202 Lite, 101 Go &

    Just thought it might be useful for charging a battery while using the other and then when getting to the car again, charging the pack and also my battery using the mavic car charger.

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