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Car Flying the Air 2 - Over the lake

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Feb 8, 2018
We have been testing the Stealth Like Approach of the Mavic Air 2 from inside the Car now for the past week. Hoping for a Heavy Rain but no joy yet , it is coming.

Flying from inside the Car is a game changer in so many ways but every car needs to be tested, and it is bar none the best place to fly from when your capturing a storm or when its pouring.

Since we fly in the storms we really needed to test the Air 2 abilities .

Yes , we have purposely tried to loose signal by going behind buildings , trees, and the Air 2 has held its signal. No remote stress calls as of yet.

Although the beaches our closed , it did not stop people from Gathering at the Bay and so I maneuvered into place , obeying the Drone Traffic laws , Stop, go , fly , Stop, fly to reach the Sun Set on the lake.

I have talked about the Crowds that sometimes gather around the drone when I fly , Kids running up , moms with strollers, The sun in my eyes , Wind blowing the drone , dogs running loose .

If you fly enough its all going to happen. I Avoid hand launching and hand landings and prefer to keep as much control of the Drone as possible , which for me means Taking off and Landing on the Hood of the Car or capturing the drone with the Lunar Landing Pad for complete control...

Yes there is a slight cool factor taking off from the Hood but it stops people from getting to close to the Drone on take off and landing.
So get to know your truck or car and the best take off and landing points it has to offer.

There were no warnings, No magnetic interference , No Compass errors , I kept the flight VLOS , Snapped a few Pictures Panos, posted on the Website;
Edited out most of the annoyances .
Gear to Fly your Air 2 in and out of the Storm.
Screenshot 06-06-2020 09.44.44.jpg

Screenshot 06-06-2020 09.44.44.jpg
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I absolutely love that you post tests like this for customers to see. If I ever buy a wetsuit for my drone, I will definitely purchase from you. It's so nice to see a supplier interacting with the community in a meaningful way rather than just spamming.
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