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Cell towers


Apr 12, 2018
I've got limited settings for launching and flying my Air. There is a great level spot, but close to a major cell/communication tower. What kind of effect will this have on my drone, and flying. Any restrictions? I'm just taking off/landing and flying away from them.


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I have been told by an installer that cell towers have a radiation "doughnut" around them, where the effects are greatest directly in front of the antennas and not so much directly below them. That being said, you may be able to launch without problems but if you fly into the "doughnut" you may experience problems.

You could try hand launch/landing. I do it exclusively and it removes all the problems associated with the low profile of all the Mavics.
Thanks, I was curious about the pitfalls of launching here, I'll give it a go, but cautiously.
I haven’t flown my Air bear a cell tower, but I have my Spark. Their transmission systems are pretty similar. Anyhoo, I had no issues at all.
Thanks, I'm to give it a try, very cautiously and see what happens.
In my experience, most problems with towers occur when there is PTP or PTMP gear running in the unlicensed 2.4 and 5.8 bands co-located on them. It's not terribly difficult to find the right height to fly at and directions to avoid with a little careful experimentation when this is the case.
Not sure what kind of tower this is but had no issues taking off and landing... which was right in front of the white 4Runner

I've got a cell tower about 140 metres (approx 155 yds) above my house on a hill.

I was a bit worried at first as I thought it might affect my MA. Actually it doesn't seem to, even when flying up at the same height of the tower. I've not tried going closer than about 50 metres or so but so far so good...
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