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This is most definitely not clickbait and should be worthy of your time if you care at all about your freedoms in this hobby. The gentleman in the video is a good guy and has a couple of YouTube channels that provide tons of useful info for both fixed wing and quad aircraft to several hundred thousand subscribers. He lives in New Zealand and has dealt with much BS from his own govt officials over the hobby. The title sounds clickbaity, but it's not. His video IS a summary of a much longer video on this "roundtable" meeting that took place with pretty much ZERO input from those with interests in the hobby. He cares more about American's rights concerning the hobby than most of us in the hobby do. I've attached a link to the official video of the meeting which is close to 2 hours without his comments. If you want to quickly see if its deserving of our time, go to 43:28 and watch for 30 seconds. Then you'll understand the "where was the AMA or the manufacturers" questions. Or ANYONE with skin in the game for that matter. This doesn't just affect quad fliers, but fixed wing as well. Remote ID is going to end up being mandatory, among other things. They'll claim it'll be solely for safety reasons, but we all know it'll be so big business can rule the hobbyist's airspace.