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China’s dominant drone industry is a step ahead of Congress, partners with U.S. shell companies

I think we are going to come out pretty ok on the other side; however, the years 2024-2025 will likely be known as the "lost years" for the drone community. Excessive meddling caused all kinds of unwanted, unwelcome, unproductive, and unexpected activities. :(

Eventually let's just hope they soon turn their attention and the focus elsewhere and leave drones alone.
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Unless DJI owners and other concerned parties make a lot of noise from the grassroots, before the worst happens, the worst is going to happen. It's curious to me that DJI is so quiet on the PR front about this, Sure, they're complaining about what might happen, and vaguely mentioning in passing that a lot of its customers are going to be upset. But they're certainly not instigating a public uprising.

Remember ten years or so back when the mayor of New York City tried to ban 32 oz sodas? The soda industry went berzerk with commercials and events complaining that The Man didn't think you're responsible enough to choose your own beverage. The Man backed down. There's so many examples of this in U.S. marketing history.

It seems like DJI has been thrown in a prickly briar patch, where the Chinese don't want to be accused of influencing, organizing or inciting the American public, especially in an election year, as it would only make their predicament with Congress worse.

So, bottom line, unless there's a spontaneous, homegrown American uprising telling Congress to shove it, expect the worst to happen. But don't imagine this can be straightened out down the road, after Congress acts, with comment letters to the FCC or the FAA.
Maybe there’s a reason. Maybe they don’t want anyone digging into the software or hardware too closely…
'Lawmakers in the House and Senate are pushing legislation to ban Chinese-made drones from entering the United States. But the leading Chinese companies manufacturing those drones are making moves to stay a step ahead of them.

One of China’s biggest drone makers, Da Jiang Innovations (DJI), is already partnering with a U.S.-based company Anzu Robotics to license its technology for sale in the American market.

Another firm, the Hong Kong-based Cogito Tech Company Limited, registered through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in August 2023 to sell drones in the United States. Experts on drones say two of its drone products approved for sale in the U.S., the Specta Air and Specta Mini, are nearly identical to products produced by DJI.

The new businesses suggest China’s dominant drone companies are taking steps to make sure that their products reach U.S. consumers even if Congress does pass a ban similar to the one that just hit TikTok.

DJI, in a statement to The Hill, didn’t directly confirm a connection with Cogito or Anzu but said it frequently gets requests for collaboration.

“We will defer to these companies to provide specific details about our partnerships,” DJI said in the statement. “However, this approach aligns with our continuous and long-term dedication to making our flying platforms as adaptable as possible.”

Obstacle avoidance is a DJI invention in our drones. I am sure DJI will manage to avoid that obstacle too