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Cold weather/snow flying

I just flew my mavic -27°C. No issues. Kept battery warm inside before using, set the drone outside for about 10 minutes before flying to acclimatize. Only thing that got cold was the fingertips. Only fly to 50% battery life in these temps. I wouldn't fly mine while it's snowing, the fan will suck In the snow and it could melt inside on the logic board.
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Do you have the DJI care/refresh cover? If so and it breaks then you have someone to replace it. If not none of the above advising you will send you a new one.

DJI advice is don't.

My advice and is stick to there guidance they made the **** thing and they will ultimately decide if you get a replacement.

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I'm using my Mavic in the Alps quite a lot this Christmas, yesterday I got a battery temp warning for the first time on my display after taking off, it said that the battery was under 15 degrees and I should land and warm it up to 24 before trying to fly again, ignored it and flew around for 10 mins with no problems. Before the flight I did have the Mavic and the batteries in my backpack out in the cold for about 2-3 hours, while all the other flights were 30ish minute after leaving from a warm house

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I also got this warning once. I had the battery inside (+21) and brought it outside when it was -27ºC. I quickly turned it on and still it gave me the 15º warning, I flew anyways without issue. You should maybe put the battery inside your coat an hour or so before using it. I like to idle for a couple minutes before taking off so it warms the electronics and battery.
So far so good, -8*C at 3800 meters battling on like a champ!


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Aiguille du Midi?
Quite some height too, remember when I was up there the thin air was noticeable even walking up the steps!

Yea, supposedly it's only 60% then at sea level, I had the same problem today walking up the stairs feeling all dizzy and needing to sit down :)

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wow....I wish I had read this thread first. I was nervous about flying my magic today with a temp of 11' F. It flew absolutely I guess i have nothing to worry about....
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Love that photo and location! One of my favorite spots on this planet! I haven't been up there with my Mavic yet but hope to eventually.
The Mavic manual advises not to fly in temperatures below freezing. However, it's certainly possible to safely do it with some extra care on your part. Check out the cold weather flying tips here, here, and here. And, check out these search results for more cold weather flying topics.

Just took my Mavik Pro outside from a 55°F workshop to 19°F OAT and flew w/o any problems. Battery temp after 10 min. flight was 85°F, so it keeps itself warm w. the load. On unlock had a "Wait for IMU calibration" which took only 5-10 sec., then flew w/o any problems ... great photos and video ... photo is lowres JPG of the back of our home ...

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Are you not getting any jello effect, or otherwise jerky video flying in such cold, bright conditions? Are you using nd filters?
My worry would be condensation on internals. This device isn't IP54 plus rated so with drastic change in temperature from outside to in car or house. It must get some condensation.

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Been flying in -10°C and the Mavic has been fine. My fingertips are a different story though. Need to find good smartphone gloves that I can use while flying.
Advisable? Would you recommend for or against it?

Currently in Chicago IT snowing lightly and could use the opp to get some snow shots In

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With Mavic air 2 I believe you can cover the four vents 2 in the back and two in the side. Batteries must be warm 100% charged! Make sure when you take off from hand. Too much snow, moisture, and condensation will take you out ! I have a group on Facebook called LexaDrone 1.1 I got a lotta tips and can sure use the company. And flight time in a snow storm should stay under 7 min
You also have to be very aware of prop icing! It does happen....
At the first sign of a motor overcurrent, bring it down, pronto.
It could be almost 40 degrees f, and the spinning props can hyper cool themselves into ice sticks in hi humidity air......or fog....or clouds....
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