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Communicating and messaging other people out there.

Carl Thomas

Nov 25, 2017
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Hi fellow pilots,

I’ve searched a lot but couldn’t find anything useful so I’m posting my question here.

Does anyone know of a feasible and “simple” solution to flying over and with others to intend your purposes?

Sometimes I’ll fly over someone or something and would like to aware them of my presence and either request their permission to do so or “leave” my phone number with them so they can collect the footage from me if they agree.

What I would really like is kind of like a flip down version of the 360° camera gimbal holder for the Mavic which could hold a small but visible LED-matrix display which could display your number (scrolling) and possibly “advertise” so potential clients can contact you.

I've found several "bulky" Programmable Badge Displays with USB Programming Cable but as I mentioned they are bulky and I am concerned about the performance and drag to the Mavic.

Thanks for your thoughts, suggestions and recommendations.

Kind regards.

A fellow dutch drone pilot.

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