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Damage to my arm/motor


Apr 27, 2018
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hi guys,
last week a managed to get my mavic stuck in a tree and it was in the extremities of the big beast too so no chance of climbing up to get it. i managed to get it down by hitting tennis balls at the branch till the mavic dislodged and fell to earth. Id say it fell from about 30 foot, through a few branches to land pretty softly on a grassy bank. it did land square on one of the arms (front right) but amazingly there seemed no damage and after a close inspection i risked a short low flight and everything seemed ok so i continued to use it as normal.

now today when i was setting it up i noticed that this arm's spinny bit (sorry) that you attach the propeller does not turn smoothly and makes a grinding noise when you turn it. sometimes it turns well, other times it gets stuck, almost as if something was stuck in there (my bad guess) and i have to apply a little force to turn it.
still i thought, whats the worst that can happen so i still tried to fly... dumb right? well it didnt crash and i flew for 50 minutes and the only thing i noticed was that at one point the mavic seemed to lean a little (picture didn't look flat) but this could have been paranoia or optical illusion.

Anyone got any ideas of what i might have done?
thoughts on continuing to use it?
its not so easy for me to get it checked out at the moment and i dont really want to send off mavic for weeks for some guy to charge me 200 quid to remove some dirt; however, that's preferable to the motor dying mid-flight and my lovely mavic nosediving into oblivion.
has anyone had similar happen to their mavic?


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Jun 28, 2018
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Motor issues are too dangerous to overlook since all 4 must be running to keep it in the air. If you already can detect some abnormally you should really get it checked out.

That said the only way to test is to fly at a safe and low altitude over grass perhaps and observe it over time. Use Sports mode to stress it a bit. If it doesn't cause a problem then it doesn't necessarily need to be replaced. I say this having crashed twice, but I never noticed any rotational resistance.