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Delaware Checkin

Hey there, I'm in Wilmington so most of my flying is northern DE. You?

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I fly in that area. I'm sure I have a similar picture. Breck's Mill is a nice place to fly. Also Valley Garden Park. You can get nice pictures and videos of Hoopes Reservoir there.


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Is there a good place to fly along the canal? Have you ever explored places to fly further west towards Chesapeake City or the Elk River?
Yep...been to all those places as well. Another good spot is Fox Point Park on the DE river. You can get some great shots of the massive cargo ships.
The problem is that its a state park. I've gotten kicked out of Rockford Park and Brandywine Park. It really irritates that Delaware has a massive state park system for the size of the state and there are times when there are very few people but we're prohibited from flying.
I never thought of that. On the other hand, at Fox Point park rangers have come around and checked out what I was doing and had no issues. They actually thought it was pretty cool. Here's one from a couple months ago.

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I must have missed this last month. I'm in north Wilmington close to where the the old race track used to be. I'm always looking for flying companions.
I know that Fox Point is a state park but I believe that Rockford is a city part and should be ok to fly in. You do need to watch out for people and cars though.
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If anyone schedules a get-together, I'd be interested. I'm not sure when I'll be in "LSD" (possibly this summer), but If something is planned in Spring please shoot me a message. :)
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