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Developed a yaw


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Apr 4, 2018
Only notice it when hovering. I'm getting a slow yaw to the right. If I put it in sport mode, it gets worse. Using .400 firmware and everything has been calibrated. Does it most of the time but not always. Doesn't matter where I startup or take off.
Pretty common to do that for a while until you start moving.

No, it isn't. They should not have any yaw at all, ever. The first 100+ flights were perfect. This has just started about the same time of the .400 firmware update but not sure if it's related.
Updated imu several times. Compass calibrated. Control sticks calibrated. Reinstalled firmware. Switched props. Still yawning to the right.
Same issue and the camera got a 10 degree tilt to the left that is intermittent. Calibrated the gimbal, no fix. I was in the desert near Rachel, NV so no Internet for a hundred miles around. First flight (~20 mins) was perfect. Second flight on the camera would tilt left and then level. A couple of times, it would noticeable tilt level hard, then be stable for a minute or so before doing it's tick again. Flying straight forward it would drift left a little. I was using the VR Headset and the heads-up display was showing a 10-11 degree tilt left. Flying the drone right in front of me, the drone was level, the camera was rotated left 10 degrees. Calibration did not fix. Will have to check it when I get home and try the firmware update and IMU calibration if it is still happening. It was 100 degrees in the desert so maybe it was heat, although there were no warnings in DJI 4.

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