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Disable Mavic Mini Controller beeping

I just drilled 10mm hole in 2 locations in the bottom of the controller, which approximately hit the speaker. Pictures attached. You can be more precise and get it first hit now. The drill damaged the speaker and it is now perfectly silent. What a stupid idea this loud beeping is!View attachment 135819View attachment 135821
You're bonkers doing that.
Someone had to, and I appreciate him doing it. :)
I also think that the speaker of the controller, and that of the drone, are excessively loud, and useless in many cases... At least they could let us choose how much and when. I don't like to arrive at a place and when you start the drone and the controller, BEEP BEEP BEEEEEP, BEEEEEEEEEP, and everyone turns to look at what you are going to do (and start criticizing..)
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