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DJI air 3

@jack423 firstly welcome to the forum
couple of tips remember the OA is not foolproof ,so dont rely on it to save the day in every situation,
have a good read of the manual ,several times, till you become familiar with all the nuances of the different flight configurations, and above all enjoy the Air 3 a very capable machine
Hi & welcome. I recently upgraded from the Air2 to Air3. My tips to begin with are…

1. Find some open space and get to know how to fly about. Experiment with Quickshots & Mastershots. That will build your confidence whist having an awesome time in the process.

2. Trees, light poles & wires are your worst enemy.

3. Don’t try to hand catch or launch your Air3 until you are completely confident in how to do it. Plenty of YouTube tutorials.

4. Have an amazing time at sunrise & sunset capturing some panoramic stills & 4k videos. Again YouTube tutorials abound!
Greetings from Birmingham Alabama USA, welcome to the forum! We look forward to hearing from you!
Hi there Guys,and Girls

I recently bought myself my first drone,the Air 3. I absolutely love it but I feel like I know nothing about it. If any of you have some nice tips,settings,camera settings,anything that a beginner would not know of.

Welcome, in my opinion you have one of the best "pro-sumer" drones available on the market for the price, and I don't even own one. I am very close to getting one.

DJI markets the Air series as a travel-ready drone. Compact enough to make taking them places not really a chore -- they take up the same space as a good camera and some lenses and accessories. The quality of the cameras (it has two as you know) is reportedly superb. My Air 2S has a 1" CMOS sensor, which was amazing for its price range in 2022, and the Air 3 has two of the slightly smaller 1/1.3" CMOS sensors - but they are 48MP compared to 20MP. The 48MP is a bit of camera trickery, I understand though, as it's natively a 12MP camera that through some voodoo can produce a 48MP image but not in all modes.

However, where the Air 3 really comes into the fore is with the telephoto lens, and getting a 7x tele lens in that package will certainly help, and the two different cameras have two different apertures, giving you some flexibility in shooting.

They've improved the obstacle avoidance to 360 degree, which is great but I try not to rely too much on OA, I don't trusst it enough.

To summarize, you have a great aircraft at that price and it will take amazing photos and videos if you know what you're doing with it. It also has a very decent range and battery life, although these factors are probably less important if you are flying for photography, you're never going to be 20km away from your subject (and that's illegal in most jurisdictions without waivers anyway).

Great purchase, you'll have fun with it!

If you want to take cinematic video, I suggest reviewing great YouTube content from creators like Alex Harris (QuickAssTutorials) or Matthew Brennan (The Drone Creative), they've both done features on the Air 3. Harris in particular shows you want gimbal settings, etc to use for the best performance, and describes how to get the most out of the cameras and sensors (which, as good as they are, are nothing like putting a DLSR or mirrorless regular camera in the sky).
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