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DJI go4 app


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May 24, 2018
I have a question. I have the DJI go4 app on my phone that I fly with and this app has the offline maps. Only problem is it has adds in it. I will be in the middle of a flight and an add pops up. Is there an DJI app that don’t have adds but still has offline maps? Thanks
never seen any ads in the official DJI app. It will place a red dot by the me area if there are new store updates but that is all I have seen.
First I have heard of this. Have you tried putting your device in airplane mode?
Android or iOS? Either way, it sounds like you’ve got a dodgy version of the app, or your device has been hacked!
I’ve never seen a pop ad in DJI Go4 on iOS platform. Not when flying or any other time I’ve had it open. I don’t think DJI would be that foolish. It would certainly be a safety issue. I’d delete that app and reinstall.

Just my .02 cents.

Who is to say that it's the Go4 app? You may have another app or infection causing this - as the Go4 app has never had ads. It would defeat the purpose of the app, and there would be a thousand threads here on that topic.
I have the DJI go4 app on my phone that I fly with and this app has the offline maps. Only problem is it has adds in it.
Got a screenshot so we can see what you're describing?
I agree with everyone here. Either his phone has been hacked or he has a 3rd Party App that supposedly supports DJI drones.
GO4 apps do not solicit adds.
DJI GO4 is, indeed, quite a terrible piece of software in my view, but ads isn't one of it's many cons. DJI GO4 has no ads.

Just in case you are on Android platform, you probably have a rogue app that shows those ads. There may be 2 ways its being done, either notifications, or drawing on top of other app. The first case - long press the notification with the ad, you will get to a screen with an app name and an option to block its notifications. Secone case - go to settinga, apps, "menu", special access, apps that can appear on top - find the offending app there, revoke this permission.

This assumes a relatively recent android version.
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