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DJI MINI 2 (UK based) - Estepona Spain : Restricted Photographic Flight (PVF)


Oct 18, 2021
Hi All,

Does anyone have any experience with this? I have my flyer ID and operator ID (Flyer ID - I know the course isn’t necessary for the UK due to my drone weight but did it anyway). I have just completed the A1/A3 course in Luxenberg so I can now use my Mini 2 in Europe (operator ID is next step).

I’ve checked ENAIRE and I would like to film and take some shots of Valle Romano Golf Course in Estepona (non-commercial : it’s a trip for me and I’m a keen golfer). Half the course is in a RVF zone and the other half is in a restricted airspace zone (I have no business going into this layer). The Spanish system of where you can and can’t fly seems extremely bureaucratic (the UK is actually much more simpler in nature). I’ve emailed [email protected] and they sent me a word document (which must be completed in Spanish not English) and unfortunately Spanish is one of the languages I don’t speak. Some questions are straight forward but others are a bit much:

· Personaldetails of the applicant.
· Electronicorreo.
· Telephone
· Kind of photography (oblique, video, etc...), or nature ofdata collection bysensors.
Work areas, as detailed as possible and attaching flight graphs as contemplated in Annex 2, and indicating the Number of Sheet (correspondingto the National Topographic Map scale 1/25,000 that you can consult through tools such as ENAIRE Drones or Icarus RPA.
To do this you can enter the indicated link, and select in the menu on the left the section "layers" - areas restricted to photographic flight (ZRVF). As you approach and click on the work area, a rectangle corresponding to the sheet number 1/25000 RVF will appear, which will be the one you have to indicate.
If this rectangle of sheet 1/25,000 does not appear, you will not have to make this request as it is an area without restrictions to the PHOTOGASIFIC FLIGHT.
· Flightgraph over 1/25,000 and Coordinates of the work area or Google Earth screenshot with requested areas.
· Expected date for the completion of the work.
· Airport to use or take-off points in case of RPAS.
· Aircraft to be used.
· Matrícula or serial number.
· Camera, lenses, type of sensors, etc...
· Flight height (in no case lower than the minimum heights established in the applicableregulations.
· Archiving of information:
The subsequent sale of the original support of the images or data captured (negatives, master... ) will not exempt the company from liability in respect of the images obtained.
· Recipient of the photographic work, specifying, if it was an individual or a private company, their nationality and the reason or purpose of the work.
· List of the lenses to be photographed.

Does anyone have any experience on this based on a Mini 2 (being below the 250g weight).

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