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DJI Mini 4 Pro - footage corrupted - blinks randomly


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Nov 16, 2023
Hi DJI pilots!
I hope you can help me.
I have faced a strange issue with the footage from my new DJI Mini 4 PRO.
It is a little bit complicated to explain, but I hope you will see where the problem is.
I have the mentioned problem using all color profiles (normal, D-Log M & HLG) and all frame rates (24,25,30,60,100).
The problem exists only on a sanny day. I did not notice the problem after sunset.
All my footage from daylight is affected.

Problem description:
The RAW footage from my Mini 4 Pro looks perfect when I play it from the RAW file on my PC or on my 85" OLED TV.
Here is an example:

All manual settings:
4k 25fps
shutter speed 1/50 + ND64 from freewell
ISO 100
WB 5500

After uploading the RAW footage to YouTube, the video randomly blinks (brightness).
The same problem after color grading in Premiere CC and exporting to MP4 (4k 25,CBR100, H.264) and next to YT. (The exported file looks perfect on PC & TV, I mean before uploading to YT).
Raw footage from YT:

It blinks randomly, but always at the same moments (bottom corners).
It is hard to see at the first time, you have to play the video 2-3 times, for sure you will see the problem.

It looks like this is a problem with YT compression, but how it is possible that all my footage has the problem.
I have sent a tone of videos from my others drones to YT and I have never faced problem like this.

In addition, I have sent the video to VIMEO and the video looks perfect from the platform.
I have tried everything...Export to mov,mp4, 200MB/s bitrate, others codeks - the video always has the same problem at the same moments.
I have watched a tone of videos from Mini 4 PRO on YT and some of them are perfect and some of them have mentioned issue.

Do you now where the problem is?
It is very annoying.
So, you did your color grading on RAW footage in premiere CC, converted that to MP4 and sent it to YT. When you play the MP4 you uploaded to youtube it blinks?

I would try a different video editing software first.
I would also take a look at the output settings in the MP4 video. There may be something in the output settings causing this. Try changing framerate output. Match the framerate output to the RAW footage framerate. It's possible, if the framerates with the Original RAW footage and the Converted MP4 footage are different, the coverted video may skip or add frames, causing a flash.
Anyway, try my first solution first. Used a different video editor.

Also, if YT is changing the framerate of the uploaded video you are sending, it may becausing flashes as well. Make sure the frame rates of the original video match youtubes frame rates. For example, if your upload framerate is 29.97 and youtube is 30fps it may cause a synchronization issue and skip or add a blank frame.
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