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Do I Or Don't I?

Here's an update. I shelved the Mini Mavic 4 purchase and went for a Mavic 2Pro with the Hasselblad camera. The comment made by Trabseyn regarding the wind factor was the reason for the change...
With wind considered, you got it right in some scenarios... but the weight/mass of the drone have nothing to do with a "safe flight" & only some with stable footage (if the drone movements becomes larger than what the gimbal can adjust for).

The drones you have talked about have a max speed in

Sport: Mini 3P=16m/s, Mini 4P=16m/s, Mavic 2P=20m/s

Normal: Mini 3P=10m/s, Mini 4P=12m/s, Mavic 2P=8m/s (some uncertainty for M2P as DJI doesn't state it, but this is what I recall)

As speed is the only thing that can counter the wind speed you see that it's a bit mixed here... if you still have a connection & can change to Sport the M2P is the clear winner with it's 20m/s. But if you've lost the connection & have to rely on a RTH failsafe... the M2P is the loser, this as the RTH uses the Normal mode speed, which for a M2P is only 8m/s. Furthermore, both the Mini 3P & 4P can utilize the full tilt angle of the Sport mode to maintain the max Normal mode speed if the headwind is too strong which effectively let the 2 lighter drones utilize Sport mode automatically.

So that's about ensuring a "Safe flight".

The lighter Mini drones are more prone to more erratic movements in gusty winds though... this as they are lighter, meaning have less inertia. This only becomes a problem for the footage if the gimbal can't keep up... & so far we have seen very little about this in the forum... so probably no major problem. In this regard... the M2P, with it's larger weight, will safe guard this further.

But with all this said... the M2P is a good drone, I'm sure it will make you satisfied :D
Final update. The Mavic 2Pro will be here tomorrow, but the surprise of the year is what happened on Friday. But first I have to back up to last Monday. I wasn't feeling the best and for the first time in many years, possibly 25 maybe more I felt as if I had the flu. We had a box of Covid test kits so I asked my nurse to run a check. As I expected I was Covid positive. Rather scary as my doctor told me I wouldn't fare too well if I did come down with it. One thing I noticed, my nurse vanished within 30 seconds. Luckily my doctors fears were ill founded, Covid didn't hit me as hard as I expected. Apart from a bad cough and feeling as if I'd been hit by a Sherman tank it must have been a very mild infection.

But now to Friday. My darling wife was feeling sorry for me and out of the blue she asked if I'd checked the Black Friday prices at the DJI shop. That was almost as big a shock as catching Covid. So together we checked . According to the listing for the Mavic 2 Mini it was $488 plus $200 for the FlyMore Package. Wow, that was a great price so my wife said "OK, go for it" I didn't need to be told twice. I clicked on Buy Now and a form popped up on screen. Maybe they've forgotten I'm a member, I thought. But no, the form said it was for a quotation. Why would I need one? I already knew the price. Anyway, I filled it out and it flashed "Processing" so I waited and waited until I realized everyone would have gone home. So I switched off and decided to check it in the morning.

The next day, the form had vanished and my account had no sign of wanting to make a purchase. I contacted support and told them what happened and asked if they would accept the purchase. I was told the price was $799. NO! said I it's $688. Back came "NO! it's definitely $699" I then explained the price was listed on the Black Friday info. "Oh, you want the Black Friday Price" he said as if I was some idiot. "Err Yes" says I "That's $699" was the reply. I asked him to check again. "It's $699" he said, I thanked him and said goodbye.

I then went to find the ad I saw the day previously. Somehow I ended up on a completely different site. One which belongs to **** Smith Electronics/ Someone I worked for many years ago. His price for the combo was $649. $50 less than DJI. "SOLD" said I. By the time I'd paid for the Mavic it cost me $599. Paypal gave me another discount. Wasn't I happy that DJI had a poor salesman. My fleet now has both the Mavic 2 Pro PLUS the Mavic Mini 2.

OK, if I'd put the money 'd spent on the two, I could have purchased the Mavic Mini 4, but I had no Idea my wife would tell me to buy the Mini. What a week, Covid has almost cleared off, there's still that cough but nowhere near as bad. Oh yes, DJI's price for the combo dropped to $679 today. which still leaves me $80 in front.
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