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Mini 4 Drone Noise Test: DJI Mini 4 Pro vs Mavic 3 Pro vs Air 2S vs Avata

One can expect the larger drone (Mavic 3 Pro) to be louder. To me, there wasn't much of a difference between the Air 2s and Mini 4. The Avata of course makes the typical FTP drone noise.
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I noticed if I took the slider on the bottom of the clip and ran it back and forth to allow a quick, near side by side comparison, the Mini 4 won, hands down. The Avata was like an ice pick in my ear.
I held my Apple Watch (with sound measuring capability) up to my computer speaker and got these readings from your movie:

mini 4p 53 dB
M3P. 60 dB
Air 2S 60 dB
Avata 70 dB
It is important to note a 3 db increase is perceived as twice as loud. At least, that is what I have read.
I love my “stealth drone”, the Mini 3.
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