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  1. G

    New Mavic 2 Pro and the remote rattles

    Hello everybody, For three weeks I am the proud owner of a Mavic 2 Pro. I would like to ask you if you can perceive similar sounds with the controllers? Possibly. is my also a defect? I would be very happy about answers! Until then ... good flight! ;) I have uploaded the video here (please...
  2. R

    High levels of Noise on videos on Manual mode, at ISO 100, LOG mode and without filters. Please Help.

    I'm confused as even when I shoot video at ISO 100, in LOG mode and without any filters, if the sun has gone down as you can see in the video before, I get a high amount of noise. https://youtu.be/kx9hIwFD9iY Can someone tell me why that is? And how i can avoid getting that? I'm shooting in...
  3. H

    Video from Norway (noise?)

    Hey guys! Just finished my video from traveling around in Norway. I did experience noise/grain in some pictures, but haven't really figured out a solution to the problem. Mostly shot on cinestyle with settings +1, 0, 0. Any suggestions to why the noise appears?
  4. S

    Maximum height we can hear a Mavic?

    What's the maximum height above ground we can hear a Mavic Pro on the open air? Is there any acoustic study on the Mavic Pro or Platinum or any other drone at different distances? I've found some information, but too theoretical for me. DJI’s quiet new drone could be easier to integrate into...
  5. KeithLa

    Initial impressions: Costco US$1299 MPP+goggles

    First timer here, picked up Costco's spring 2018 Mavic Platinum Pro (MPP) with DJI Goggles US$1299 bundle last week at my local store, and subsequently read/watched reviews to decide whether 1) it's a good deal, and 2) would I prefer the smaller/smarter/cheaper Mavic Air (MA), as suggested by...
  6. S

    Sudden Noise When Selecting Custom Channel

    I've generally had poor range on my Mavic Air since purchasing it and it constantly needs compass calibration where my MP virtually never required recalibration. Today I decided to check out custom channels in an effort to solve the problem and seemingly identified something unusual. I live in...
  7. JoostGT3

    Color grading in Premiere Elements

    So, the other day was a perfect spring day, and I found the perfect spot to fly; for the first time, I took the time to set the video properties with post-processing in mind; put the whitebalance to "Sunny" and the profile to D-Cinelike. But then when I arrived home, I learnt that apparently it...
  8. L

    Grainy above normal

    Hello, I am new to this forum, but I read all the thread about grainy video but I found mine really grainy. I don't have a ND filter yet, but even without it, I can't explain this result (4K, 30fps, auto mode): Do you think that the camera has an issue (I am pretty sure the camera is OK) ...
  9. S

    Mavic Air - Noise levels

    I'm curious about the Mavic Air noise levels but I don't see any reference to this on the official Specs page. On the Casey N You Tube video he seems impressed by how quiet it is when it starts and takes off. Anyone know what the noise level actually is? Oddly enough the noise levels of the...
  10. N

    Strange Scraping Propeller noise while in flight.

    Quick Hello to everyone Looking forward to being a member of the forum. Just thought i would post this in case anyone else is experiencing the same problem but not managed to figure out whats actually happening. I have a new Mavic pro drone purchased it in December and did about 40 flights...
  11. S

    can mavic make sounds?

    Is there any way (any accessory or mod?) to get the mavic to make different (audible) noises whilst it is still flying? I want to use it as an alarm/alert/message delivery. Ive found the ESC on “Find my Drone” but that BEEP is not loud enough and anyway it only seems to work when the done is...
  12. G

    MavicPro Platinum - grain & poor video quality

    Hi, new owner of MPP. Did couple of test flights today and was disappointed with video & photos coming out of drone. I've uploaded videos here for you to see: Dropbox - Upload Forum Setting as follows: Grain 1.mp4 - latest firmware - 4K, 30fps - 1/320 - 100 ISO - WB Cloudy - D-log - style...
  13. S

    Pink/Purple Green pixels in video footage

    I've read the posts of purple lines, purple tint. Well heres a new one. Purple/pink and sometimes green pixels. I have tried the memory card provided as well as a better one I purchased. Ive tried default camera settings, as well as custom settings. 4k, 1080p, several color profiles, under...
  14. E

    Cheap Low-Noise Props

    Just about when I was getting a 2 set of low noise props from DJI website, I noticed the shipping to my country (Portugal) was more expensive than the blades themselves (20€ for the blades + 28€ shipping). I then searched for alternatives and found these Original Props: Original DJI Mavic...
  15. O

    Video noise/grain

    Hi guys, I filmed a little clip, and I just started editing it tonight, and I noticed an awful amount of grain, or whatever it is. This is completely ruining my footage. I filmed a few videos before, but this never happened to me. I'm not usually editing 4k videos, as my computer is not fast...
  16. PaulArcher

    Mavic vs Spark Stability and Noise Test

    Hello Mavic-ers, I recently recorded spark and mavic next to eachother and tracked their movement in time with visual graphs. Here's the results: Could you predict how well each of them does? I have also tested the sound, but I can't really tell there's much difference, what do you think?
  17. C

    Grainy and Noisy footage at 100 ISO

    Hi there! I'm a new and proud owner of a Mavic pro and really enjoy flying it. The only problem is I can't use my footage, even at ISO 100 it looks noisy an horrible in some areas. When the sun was setting I changed the ISO to 400 to correct the brightness. And after I checked my footage it was...
  18. TrayBoz

    Mavic Platinum Props on the Standard Mavic

    I think the million dollar question is: When I put the newly-designed Mavic Platinum props on my standard Mavic, am I going to hear a significant noise reduction? Anyone have the new props yet and tried this? Please post here when you do, I'd love to know.
  19. I

    Little noise when gimbal is moving

    Hello. I have already posted this in DJI forum. In my last flight when I saw one of my videos I noticed some noise in the camera when the gimbal is moving. Please see the video: Is this a problem with the camera?
  20. S

    Very strong image noise - what am I doing wrong?

    Hey team, Been familiarizing myself with the Mavic camera this week, but struggling with really high levels of noise / artifacts. I've watched a bunch of videos about various settings, done some reading, but can't figure out what's wrong. Settings: +1,-1,-1, custom white balance, d-cine, 1/25...