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  1. C

    Grainy and Noisy footage at 100 ISO

    Hi there! I'm a new and proud owner of a Mavic pro and really enjoy flying it. The only problem is I can't use my footage, even at ISO 100 it looks noisy an horrible in some areas. When the sun was setting I changed the ISO to 400 to correct the brightness. And after I checked my footage it was...
  2. TrayBoz

    Mavic Platinum Props on the Standard Mavic

    I think the million dollar question is: When I put the newly-designed Mavic Platinum props on my standard Mavic, am I going to hear a significant noise reduction? Anyone have the new props yet and tried this? Please post here when you do, I'd love to know.
  3. I

    Little noise when gimbal is moving

    Hello. I have already posted this in DJI forum. In my last flight when I saw one of my videos I noticed some noise in the camera when the gimbal is moving. Please see the video: Is this a problem with the camera?
  4. S

    Very strong image noise - what am I doing wrong?

    Hey team, Been familiarizing myself with the Mavic camera this week, but struggling with really high levels of noise / artifacts. I've watched a bunch of videos about various settings, done some reading, but can't figure out what's wrong. Settings: +1,-1,-1, custom white balance, d-cine, 1/25...
  5. L

    Fan Noise from Controller

    Is it normal for the controller fan to be this loud? (video below) This noise starts about ten minutes into flight. I fly with an iPad Mini and keep the video settings on "Normal" in the DJI app. I just received this unit from Amazon...
  6. Marco Cantieni

    Altrhein birdseye view 2,7k superior with Mavic

    After going through all this mess with the Mavics 4K issues, I've finally found a good workflow: 1. It starts with filming in 2.7K, ISO100, 60-120fps using an ND16 filter, sharpness +1 contrast -1, saturation -1, color profile ART. 2. I've colorgraded the footage using mLUT from motionvfx...
  7. Y

    Brand new Mavic - Strange noise! Dont want to exchange for refurbished unit

    Hi All, first post in the "Help" section for me... maybe the 1st of many as I've just started flying (link to my 1st video clip at the bottom). So I received my new Mavic from DJI 3 weeks ago. I did my first flights, about 1hr in total with no problems at all except small issues caused by my...
  8. upiz

    Feedback noise in wifi mode

    Ryan Wibawa - 2017 NCGA Junior Tour - Spring Series II by upiz posted May 19, 2017 at 11:14 AM I shot a video in wifi mode with my iPhone 5S. It seems if the iPhone microphone points to the bottom part of the Mavic, it picks up feedback noise. Does anybody else experience it?
  9. K

    Low battery warning beep. High pitch engine noise

    Q 1 - Help please. I read with one of the DJI updates (not the latest) that we are able to mute the Low battery beeping sound. Could not figure it out. Any instructions? Q 2 - Whne I fly on Tripod mode indoor with the prop guards installed, at times a high pitch / whistle enjoy noise is...
  10. S

    A quieter Mavic

    Hey guys First time I fired up the Mavic I was really surprised at how noisy it is. Are there any solutions around to making it quieter IE different 3 party fans, some kind of attachment on the props etc?
  11. FlightClub

    Fix Controller Buzzer in 10 Minutes "Easy"

    I have an easy fix for the Mavic Pro Controller Buzzer, "FlightClub Easy Fix". If you hate the annoying Controller Beeping when you enable RTH on the Mavic Pro Controller I can give you a solution to make it an adjustable volume or completely disable it. Late last night, I performed the...
  12. L

    Is mavic quieter than the P4

    Lucky new users, can you confirm mavic is much quieter than phantom P3/P4 ?