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Drone not landing in hand anymore

I've encountered the same issues with Mini Pro 4 which upto the end of 2023 for a few months after i got the drone landed with no problems in my hand - (i sort of caught it from underneath between thumb and finger) and the propellers turned off. After the firmware update at beginning of year it does not seem to let me get my arm close or want to land on my hand - sometimes if i wave my arm underneath and try to bring down it will eventually do it - but generally i now land on the ground. I'm not aware of any changes to obstacle avoidance sensors etc..
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If the drone will land on the ground, it should land on your hand. Are you certain that you're keeping your hand still?
Yup. I did it for 2 yrs since i bought the drone. I also did that 3 years with my mavic pro and 1 year by hand catching a phantom 3 standars.
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