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DroneDeploy free maps issue


Well-Known Member
Dec 18, 2017
Cedar Creek, TX & Rockspring, TX
Hi guys,

So, tried DroneDeploy again. Curious if any of you have seen an issue I just encountered (posted on their forums and also replied to a message from one of their admins but nothing so far..)

I uploaded 4 maps, but one sent me 2 emails. Now, there is no way that I can see to upload the photos more than once to a map, yet it sent me two emails for the same map stating it had finished processing it. Thus....I was unable to upload a 5th map because it said I had already reached my maximum.

Now, curious if anyone had seen this before and/or.... anyone know whether the free maps reset on the 1st or is it a 30-day reset?

If 30-days, well.. that will bite..

If it is on the 1st, annoying, but can wait.

I get it, it is a free service.. but the traffic generated by the free accounts helps drive business. imo.. we deserve some sort of help when it is clearly an issue with their system.

Anyway, thanks for any input fellas.