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ECI guy from Northern Ohio

Welcome to the forum David. I too am a photographer and I'm British but now live in northern Ohio. I went to drones from standard still photography, but I stuck with them. Never got Part 107 because I didn't need it and the few occasions I had the opportunity, a friend that is 107 would accompany me. Don't know if you knew that was possible. You don't have to have a 107, just someone in attendance to a job needs to have it, and you are legal.

I live in Lakewood and am married with two children and our local park is drone friendly. If you like, I'd be happy to meet up with you anytime and fly here or somewhere else. I am associated with the Northern Ohio Drone Alliance, and we have several flying meet ups a year. In fact, yesterday, Saturday, was one in Parma. I believe the next one might be at Top o' The Ledges, that is another one of the few places that drones are allowed to fly in the Metro Parks.

PM me if you'd care to meet up sometime soon. You will gain lots of knowledge here about everything drones including editing. Like you, I'm fine editing photos, I use Photoshop, One1 and Topaz but I am just learning editing and I also use DaVinci Resolve. Look forward to hearing from you.
lets meet! I knew about not needing a license if you have someone with you that is infact license. But I wanted it, so I finally went after it.
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Hello everyone, I'm David from Northern Ohio. I'm an evening and weekend Professional Photographer and shoot most Sports, Dramatic Sports Portraits and Seniors. I shoot many levels of athletics from peewee to pro's. I got interested in drones about 7 years ago. I pick up a DJI Phantom 3, but didn't fly it enough and sold it. I then bought a Mavic 2, flew it, found out I would need a license, if I wanted to make money. And I'm not great at passing test, so I sold it. I found a place to learn the rules and regulations and what I needed to know to pass the exam (Pilot Institute). So I picked up another one, ended up selling that one to friend who had a license. He ended up loosing connection of Lake Erie and drone went for a swim.

I purchased a Air2s last year, I passed my test 90%, am licensed and try to fly every week. I'm still searching for my niche in drone business. I'd love to get more sports shots with it, but with rules and regulations, its a challenge, not impossible.

I'm 53 years young, married, have step kids and step grandkids, full time job is a heavy highway construction surveyor. I shoot High School and semi-pro sports thru out the year. For editing the photos its lightroom, for video I used Davinci Resolve. I'm still learning this software, some days its fun, other days its fustrating.
You sound to me like a great member in our future here at the forum.

Welcome and we look forward to seeing your work.

David: Welcome to the forum, from Chicago the Windy City.
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