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EPSON Moverio BT-300 Review

With my glasses had them a week non drone,down loaded go4 ap. works a treat.
I have one problem my eyes are to wide PID that is they are 2.9" .makes it hard to see good,still can use them.
May be have'nt flown with them yet.
Will send to the doctors and have them made wider,I know more money. Being Qld au.makes harder to.
Cheer's Croc End........Bob.
Hi Joe:
Welcome to the forum. I’m not the most experienced BT-300 user here, but I do have some thoughts and opinions. This thread has been relatively quite recently, but I learned a great deal by reading through the previous pages that helped me through the Epson learning curve which can be a bit steep.

I’ve had the DJI goggles since they were released and have worked through most of the problems others are experiencing by doing the following:

1. Bought the Focus-Fixers which eliminates the need to use strong reading glasses. Probem solved.

2. I sometimes wear a ball cap backwards which helps the fit situation. I really never thought the fit was that bad, but the cap helps.

3. I seldom fly in public, so the strange looks one gets when wearing the oversize “box” is not a pronlem. If I do fly in public, I can use the BT-300’s which solve the issue. With these things solved, I find the DJI goggles are great and I’ll be keeping them. They are very different from the BT-300’s as I’ll describe.

When I first learned about the BT-300’s, they seemed interesting, but I was concerned about the high price and my ability to view the drone “behind” the GO app and not be confused with the camera view overlaid on the real word view as depicted on the DJI videos. I decided there was really no way to fully understand the BT-300’s without trying them, so, I ordered a set when I found I could return them within 30 days.

I’m an IOS guy and don’t use Android, so it took a while to learn the basics of the OS. I also normally avoid track pads in favor of mice. I found the BT-300 trackpad difficult to use, particularly when trying to type in information. This was a slow and frustrating process. I ended up pairing an Apple Magic Mouse 2 and a bluetooth keyboard to the device which made the interface much easier. The mouse worked so well, that I’ve since stopped using the keyboard and use the mouse to type on the devices pseudo keyboard.

Updates to the OS and to the DJI apps were the next task, and once that was accomplished, it was time to fly. It will take some time and study to get to this point. While the glasses are technically plug and play, you’ll need to go slowly before flying with them as there is a lot to learn particularly if you aren’t familiar with the Android OS.

I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the display. I find that if I turn the brightness nearly to max, I can’t see the drone through the app, but by turning my head just slightly, can easily see it on either side of and above or below the app display. The design of the glasses allows you to look over or under them very easily. My fears of seeing the drone and its camera simultaneously causing confusion were unfounded and I quickly adjusted to the glasses.

I’ve been flying real airplanes and helicopters for many years before stating with R/C. For this reason, I’m much more comfortable controlling the drone through its camera rather than by observing it in flight. I’m sure those who started with R/C have a different experience. I find the goggles allow me to fly comfortably in closer proximity to obstacles than I would be able to do using an iPad. The DJI goggles make this close proximity flying easy with the large immersive display. In my estimation, the BT-300’s are about 80% as good for this purpose. I have to work a bit harder, but am able to fly in close proximity to the same objects with a bit more work and concentration due to the smaller, less immersive picture.

The bottom line is I like the BT-300’s very much. They’ve exceeded my expectations. I will probably keep them and the DJI’s as they serve different purposes. Here are some things I’ve learned about their use:

1. If you’re not an Android person, spend some time learning the OS while waiting for the glasses to arrive. Get comfortable using a trackpad.

2. Be sure there are no other programs running in the background when you start the DJI app with the glasses. The DJI GO app seems to use a lot of the processor power and the results, if other apps are open, will be severe pixilation and a great deal of lag.

3. As with most Android devices, the controller battery will charge the BT-300’s while they are connected. Flying my Mavic, after 3 batteries, the controller battery will be about 20%. The glasses have a much longer battery life than the DJI controller when they’re used together.

4. The start sequence is important. Controller, then drone. You can start the glasses, but don’t plug them in until the controller is fully connected with the drone. Then plug the controller into the BT-300 box. If all is well, you’ll get an onscreen display asking you which flavor of the DJI GO app you wish to use. Make your selection and the app will start and you’ll be good to go. Side note - with the older DJI GO app installed, I can use the glasses to fly my P3P. Can’t use the DJI goggles to do this, so a plus for the BT’s.

My Concerns:

1. As Joe mentioned I share his concern about the older version of Android that is installed. There seems to be no effort on the part of Epson to update the OS. It may not even be possible. The device seems to need all the processor power it has when running the DJI apps. I’m concerned that future DJI features will have issues as they become more processor dependent.

2. Last fall, DJI and Epson indicated they had a working relationship and DJI produced some tutorial videos showing tips on using the BT-300’s with DJI products. Epson also indicated they were working on their own new apps that would even better work with DJI products. They indicated these would be ready in a few months. That was more than six months ago and nothing has been released. Subsequent to this, DJI released their own goggles. I wonder if they are still working with Epson?

3. The BT-300’s can’t access the Google Play store to obtain the normal selection of Android apps apparently because Google does not want competition for any future similar products they might release. There are other place to obtain apk’s for apps, but they are limited. Epson has it’s own Movario app store for the glasses, but the selections are very limited and many are in the Japanese language. In short, other than for the DJI apps, I see no reason why anyone would want the product other than to fly drones.

4. AR vs. VR. Let’s clarify the differences between these two terms. VR is Virtual Reality. The DJI Goggles are VR in that they only show the camera view and are not connected to the actual outside world of the user. Oculus Rift is VR as it projects wonderful images that are entirely virtual with no connection to the users’ outside world. Epson has sold the BT-300’s as an Augmented Reality product, which means they are capable of overlaying information such as NFZ’s, waypoints, the actual location of the drone, etc. on the screen. In their promotional video they show the glasses being used to fly a phantom with AR information displayed.

I’m concerned that this product is advertised but has never been made available. What we currently have is a VR display of a tablet screen projected onto a transparent surface. This is not AR. With the processor power seemingly limited, I question if real AR is even possible with this product.

5. Since the advertised updates have not been released, I wonder if the product is already obsolete. Maybe the BT-400’s or 500’s will have more capability. I’m about 90% sure I’ll keep the glasses as they do a good job for me, are portable and a good addition to the DJI Goggles, but others may have differing opinions.

Sorry this is so long, but I’d like to get this thread active again and hear others opinions on these subjects.
Helpful, thank you.
There is now Epson SOAR app for flying drones using the BT-300. Have you had a chance to use that app?
Epson SOAR does not work with Mavic 2 and Air, so I can’t test it anyhow. Also Epson app development and update speed is really slow, so don’t bet on it. When SOAR is ready to support these two drones, I think DJI already launch M3 and Air X.
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Woow Guys I think somthing just arrive :

We’re pleased to announce the launch of two new Epson drone apps: “Epson Drone Soar” and “Epson AR Flight Simulator”.

Others such as the auto-pilot drone app, and the screen mirroring app are all available at Moverio Apps Market.
Try out more new releases to experience the visual pleasure that Moverio brings you!

◆◆New Apps◆◆━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
1.Epson Drone Soar
There are two modes available: One is for confirming drone’s position and the other is for enjoying views from drone’s camera.
You can navigate and select icons simply by pressing the physical buttons on the drone remote controller.
Let’s start the new flight experience right now!
Movie: Epson Moverio: A Safer, More Productive Way to Fly
App Details: Epson Drone Soar - MOVERIO - Epson

2.Epson AR Flight Simulator
This app allows you to fly a 3D digital drone in the real world using remote controller of the DJI’s compatible drones.
You can enjoy flying virtual Drone with Moverio even in your house.
Movie: Epson Moverio - Augmented Reality Flight Simulator for DJI Drones
App Details: Epson AR Flight Simulator - MOVERIO - Epson

3. Pix4DCapture
Plan your mission route on the simple operational interface. What you have to do is tap the “Start” button.
The drone will automatically complete the mission and take plenty of aerial photos during the flight.
Movie: Pix4Dcapture - Easily plan and execute your drone flight for mapping and 3D modeling
App Details: Pix4Dcapture - Drone

4. Air Droid
With WiFi connection, you can mirror your Moverio screen to PC and operate it.
Sending messages and files wirelessly from your computer is super convenient.
Download it to find out more!
Movie: AirDroid PC New Feature - File management
App Details: AirDroid - Tools

Don’t count on Air droid for mirror Moverio screen to any source, because BT300 processing and ram is very weak. You won’t possible to run DJI GO 4 together with any sort screen recording app together when you flying.
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Don’t count on Air droid for mirror Moverio screen to any source, because BT300 processing and ram is very weak. You won’t possible to run DJI GO 4 together with any sort screen recording app together when you flying.

Air Droid is not a good way to go. You want to direct wire connect. I find using Go 4 on the Moverio controller works well. The SoAR app is coming along but I think a little more time is needed to really get the AR experience working well. Soon...
I wonder if this happened with the latest BT firmware update and if you had the map detail before the firmware it transferred, but is this a problem for new users of the new firmware? Help me with this source. thanks.
Curious as to the main advantage of the 300 over the 35E.
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