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Essentially new to this and excited to get started! (Austin, TX)

Seems like you are off to a Great Start. I am a Pilot Institute Alumni (aced the exam 100%) so I have only great things to say about PI and the course by Greg Reverdiau…

Since you have already been on the FAADroneZone to register your drone, go back on and get a few authorizations to fly in restricted airspace like at Austin Executive Airport (not LAANC enabled…) it's good practice, not in the zero altitude areas, just the restricted altitude areas. Also get use to requesting LAANC at Austin-Bergstrom International. Not to worry, they do not hold you to it…

I use the DroneUp App and for almost all of my flying, B4UFly and UAVForcast are good, but not as good…

As for changing the Flight Control Modes, practice, practice, and practice, you need those movements to be Second Nature, Muscle Memory, AND…

DO NOT let a Friend try your Drone without a carful warning that your controls are not standard…

I know you are flying the Pro, but Greg also offers a FREE Deep Dive Course on the Mavic 3 and it is really comprehensive on setting up and using the Mav 3…

Now, go have fun, and thanks for the feedback.

LT Signing Off..
Thanks for the app recommendations! B4UFly and UAVForcast are the two I've been using, so I'll check out the others.
Welcome to our forum, TurritoBowl, from Hauptmann, in Hurst, Texas!

Isn’t it great to have the flexibility of vantage points an aerial camera platform affords? We get shots and videos we could only fantasize about before! I fly a Mavic 2 Pro now, but will soon add a Mini 3 Pro to my “fleet”.

We have over 150,000 members—many from your part of the world--who enjoy helping each other get the most out of our hobby. Most of the questions you'll have will’ve already been addressed, and are easy to search. If you have NEW questions, just ask!

I've attached a couple of links below, which will make learning piloting and photo/video skills easy. The author specifically refers to the Mini 3 Pro, but his “moves” apply to any drone (DJI, anyway).

Glad to have you with us!
Rich R (aka Hauptmann)

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