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    As of December 2, the FAA had processed 22,048 applications for remote pilot certificates to fly drones for business purposes under Part 107, the agency said in response to an AIN inquiry. It also reported that 571,192 people had registered through an online site to operate one or more small drones for recreation.

    The number of incident reports of rogue drones has risen dramatically, mostly involving other-than-commercial aircraft. Seventy-one percent of reported sightings occurred at altitudes at or above 400 feet, according to an IG analysis of 1,411 incidents reported between November 2014 and January 2016. But as of this April, the FAA had initiated just 30 enforcement actions against violators, of which 12 remained open, the IG said. It had collected $22,805 in fines.

    The IG attributed the limited number of enforcement actions to the FAA’s “current oversight philosophy,” which prioritizes operator education over enforcement. Compared to the 30 enforcement actions the FAA had initiated as of April, the agency had issued 625 education letters, the office said.

    IG Faults FAA Oversight of Commercial Drone Exemptions
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    Wow, those are already big numbers that are destined to grow by a lot too!
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    This issue has received dramatically increased attention, at least in the US.
    If there is a report of a drone sighting at a commercial airport that has automatic terminal information service, it is immediately included in the ATIS, much the same as wind shear is, so every single arriving and departing aircraft hears about it.
    I would not be surprised at all if an "example" was made of the first individual convicted of violating that airspace, and the charge would be careless and reckless operation, resulting in a max penalty.
    That's the way the US FAA gets people's attention.
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    Unfortunately the FAA has not taken the action required to deter flagrant violations. Perhaps some of the high visibility bloggers posting on YouTube should be required to post educational videos in lieu of being prosecuted. If education doesn't reduce the number of serious violations the entire industry will suffer, whether you're a hobbyist or Part 107 operator. Without benefit of TCAS, TIS, ADSB or transponders flying in and around airports will result in tragic consequences that will impact us all.
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